10 Hidden Instagram Hacks and Features Everyone Should Know

Since Instagram is the great platform for sharing photos and videos all over the world having 1 billion-plus active users. Instagram has become a popular social media platform, especially for teenagers. It has some amazing hidden features and hacks which you must be aware of. So we would be discussing some great Instagram hidden features and tips in this article.

Note: Before getting started, make sure that you have the latest version of Instagram as these hidden features and hacks can only be availed using the latest version.

10 Hidden Instagram Hacks and Features:

Following are the top 10 hidden features and hacks of Instagram everyone should know.

1- Use Attractive Fonts in the Bio:

One of the great Instagram bio hacks is to add special fonts to your bio to stand out your profile from others. Basically Instagram doesn’t provide you with the option of using custom fonts, however, you still can use custom stylish fonts using some third-party websites and some tools which allows you to copy that customized font and paste it into your Instagram bio to make your bio look more attractive.

2- Favorite posts notifications:

Being on Instagram, you probably have some favorite people whom you want to see most and you never want to miss their posts. So to be updated with the posts of your loved ones, Instagram provides you the great feature to get each notification from them whenever they post something. To use this feature, simply go the person’s profile and explore the bunch of options under the 3 dots which is located upper right on the profile. There you’ll get an option saying “Turn on Post notification” and you are done. Isn’t so easy? The same process would be done if you changed your mind and you want to turn off the post notification for that person, Simple repeat those steps again and now you’ll have an option saying “Turn off post Notification

3- Find people without having an account:

We are able to search people or businesses on Instagram only if we have an account there. But let us say that it is one of the hacks of Instagram to find people on Instagram even if you don’t create an account there. However, that can only be possible if you are using desktop devices or using your phone browser in desktop mode. Using this great feature of Instagram, you can easily search anyone you want through “Instagram search”.

There is also another hack you can do for this purpose. Use Gramvi for the ease of using Instagram without an account login. This is best, especially when you are among the group people (official or friends), and you don’t want to access your private account in front of them.

4-Posts you’ve liked:

You probably have tried to find out the post that you’ve liked in the past but it seems difficult to find it out. Here comes another amazing hidden feature of Instagram which lets you find out the posts easily which you’ve liked in the past. Simply go to the options panel and there you’ll have an option “Posts you’ve liked”. Open it and it will display all the liked posts including photos & videos.

5- Multiple accounts:

One of the most powerful and amazing features of Instagram is operating multiple accounts. If you a Marketer and you want to manage multiple accounts for the business you promote on Instagram, Instagram has made it easy for you as they allow you to have multiple accounts without having any issue. You don’t have to log in and log out again and again for switching between the accounts. Now you can simply add new account on Instagram and whenever you want to move from one account to another, you have an option known as “Switch account” to switch any account you want.

6- Hide, Delete, or Disable Comments:

Instagram has made it easy for you to have control over your posts through its great features. You might have experienced with some bad comments on your posts which should be on your post. Using hidden features of Instagram such as hiding or deleting, you can easily hide those bad comments or even delete them. Simple tap and hold on the comment you want to hide or delete. You can even disable comments for the post that you don’t want people to comment on that post.

7- Pre-scheduling of posts:

Instagram is the world best social media platform for sharing photos and videos all over the world. You might post daily on Instagram but sometimes you want your posts to be published on some specific day or specific time, for that purpose you have to schedule your posts for that specific day or time. Basically Instagram doesn’t come with this feature to schedule your posts, however, you can still schedule your posts through using third party websites and they’ll post on your behalf at the specific time which you’ve scheduled. We can somehow call this a hack of Instagram. 

8-Posts near to your location:

Instagram allows you to find posts near your current location so you can engage with them easily. As a marketer, you can easily explore people of your niche. This is an amazing feature of Instagram to find content near to your current location. This is also very helpful for businesses to promote their products and services in the local area. You can also grow your business and get more engagements through the best Instagram Auto Liker tool know as Likesgainer. Hence, this feature tends to be very helpful for business owners and marketers.

9- Hide tagged Photos:

People on Instagram usually tag each other in their posts. Mostly your friends tag you in the image whenever they clicked a picture with you. The tagged pictures go directly into the tagged region of your Instagram account known as “Photos of you”. If you want to see those tagged photos and want to hide them, then open the photos of your region below your bio and there you can hide those pictures through the option “Remove tag” under the dots.

10- Drive traffic from Instagram:

One of the best features of Instagram is driving your Instagram traffic to your website. This amazing feature of Instagram is very helpful for Marketers, Business owners and bloggers to drive traffic from Instagram. This can be done by placing your website/sale page URL into your bio to drive traffic directly to your website.

Above are the top 10 hidden Instagram hacks and features everyone should know to help them grow their business fast. Follow these guidelines and take your business to the next level as these are very essential for your business.

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