10 Tips to Pass the NCLEX Exam

Before you enter the examination room, it is wise for you to be knowledgeable of the type of tasks you will encounter and how to handle them. To be able to do that, we have sampled out 10 tips to excel in the NCLEX:

  1. You need to make a realistic timetable with goals to achieve.

You should allocate yourself enough time to get ready for the examination. However, you still need to ensure that you give yourself enough time to sleep as well. You should end each study session by taking the time to assess and evaluate what you learned and then allow time to ingest what you have learned.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to plan your studies in order to avoid wasting time. Keep in mind that the exam is approaching, and it is definitely one that you cannot cram in a day (or even a week) and expect to pass.

  1. Manage your stress.

Being nervous about an exam is a common phenomenon, but you still need to make sure you keep yourself from panicking. You can always minimize your stress level by:

  • Preparing early in advance for the exam so as to avoid last minute rush
  • Not cramming or revising in the morning before the examination since it can just confuse what you had learned earlier.
  • Just do the normal morning chores to help you remain focused
  • Allocate sufficient time to relax and allow the ingestion of the learned material.

The best way to study and retain the information is by keeping calm and managing your stress. This will also help you on the exam, so you do not panic and make mistakes.

  1. Be aware of your studying style.

Each person has his unique way to learn and it is most likely you know yours at this moment. Depending on your way of understanding concepts, there are various different styles of studying including:

  • drawing sketches if you mostly learn through graphic presentation
  • listening to audios covering the exam if your best way of understanding concepts is through hearing
  • you can form a group for studying if the best way for you to understand concepts is by discussing them.
  • working with a NCLEX tutor to help you find the best approach to different subjects you are struggling with
  1. Don’t relate the NCLEX with experience gained.

Unfortunately, previously gained experience from working may not apply in the test and can actually inhibit your capability of answering the test correctly. Since it is often the case that numerous topics in books don’t appear similar to the actual life experience, be careful to answer each question the way your book or NCLEX tutor tells you to.

  1. Be aware of the format of NCLEX.

You are bound to sit for the Computerized Adaptive Testing format used in the exam, which means that all not all exams will be exactly the same. CAT formatted tests are going to adapt depending on how you answer previous questions, so the style of questioning will be different for every person.

  1. Use test-taking techniques for ruling out incorrect choices.

The examination is meant to test your knowledge, so it is advisable to be aware of the format in which the exam has been written. Always have in mind that the safety of patients comes first and use what you do know to eliminate wrong answers, regardless of whether you understand the concept behind it or not.

  1. Improve on your medical terminology.

Medical terms are not similar in each test, hence, there is no particular group of terms for you to cram in order to pass. You may have to focus on diagnosis for patients so as to have an idea of what a particular medication is meant for a patient.

  1. Get enough study resources.

Obviously, it is worth purchasing exam revision materials as well as hiring the services of an NCLEX tutor who will help to boost your NCLEX test knowledge.

  1. Be confident.

To have confidence is very crucial, but at the same time you need to avoid being overconfident. Your potentiality as a nurse has already been attested by your graduation, so be optimistic about passing this final stage of being licensed and you’ll do great.

  1. Take multiple practice exams.

Those practices are definitely very crucial and the best strategy to get prepared since they give you an insight into a real test. They will help you improve on your time management as well as helping you discover what areas you still need to work on.

Good luck on the NCLEX examination!

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