2 Types of Nail Treatment

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Oh, those pesky nails! Whether your fingernails or your toenails, we all end up having issues with our nails at times. They can be minor issues, like having thin, brittle nails that like to split and crack on us. Though sometimes, these issues can get a lot more serious, like having painful ingrown nails, or we can end up with fungal infections in our nails that can cause them to fall out, become infected, and much more. Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their nails unless they’re causing pain or presenting noticeable problems, though perhaps people should focus on their nails more. When you pay attention, you may find smaller issues and be able to resolve them with the right sort of product before the problems end up getting worse and leaving you with a lot more.

If we were to go down the list and name off every popular type of nail treatment, this would no longer be an article. It would be an encyclopedia. The fact is that there are all sorts of different options to treat your nails out there, with thousands of different products and procedures. However, that does nothing to answer a question you may have: What are the two types of treatment options for my nails? To help really break this down into the top two choices, what we need to do is break it down into two types, two categories. There are two main categories of treatment options for your nails, and under each category, you will find a wide array of treatments.

The 2 Main Categories of Treating Nails

Professional Treatments

The first category is professional treatments, which obviously includes manicures and pedicures, but can also include actual trips to doctors like dermatologists to handle serious issues. This is a pretty broad category, and many people out there have a lot of experience with going to an actual clinic, sitting in a comfortable chair, and having work done on their nails. Typically this includes getting some type of nail trim, getting your cuticles cut, getting your nails filed, and perhaps even getting your feet taken care of by way of smoothing them out and treating them with a range of techniques and lotion.

This sort of broad category makes up one of the nail treatment types because of how much it offers. This is also what a lot of people opt for when they want to get fake fingernails put on, or want their nails painted. These options for treatments usually aren’t costly per visit, but they can certainly start to add up if someone makes a habit out of going in for professional treatments.

Product Treatments

The second category here is product treatments, and you can pretty much break these down into two main types. First, you have treatments that are very potent and will be prescribed to you by medical doctors for a range of issues. Then you have over-the-counter, or OTC products that you can freely purchase and use at home. These products range in type, price and effectiveness. A lot of products out there basically act as a hard coating for your nails. The idea is to give your nails the appearance of being stronger and healthier, but in reality, it’s just like applying a coat of lacquer to your nails and only serves a topical purpose.

The other main type of product you can get in OTC fashion is a product that really works to strengthen your nails and to boost the overall health and growth of the nail. An organic, clinically proven nail product for treatment can do wonders for your nails, including helping to get rid of fungus while promoting strength and growth. Nails are pretty tough, but many people deal with fragile nails. So it stands to reason that many would want to use a product to help them.

These are the two main categories of treatment options for your nails. You can go out and spend a lot of money getting your nails worked on, or you can find a quality product to use at home that provides you with a lot of reliable benefits.


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