5 Biggest trends in Fantasy Sports


Fantasy sports is not what it used to five years ago. Each year, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. What has changed? From Premier League’s popular FPL to Indian Premier League’s IPL Fantasy League, every online fantasy game has changed drastically. 

More so, the massive changes in online sports gaming, including the growth in userbase, has happened in Asia. In the Asian market, specifically India, fantasy sports has witnessed a volcanic growth. However, it is believed that fantasy sports in India is still in the nascent stage. The potential is such that one cannot even think of what it will be 10 years down the line. Let’s discuss the prevalent trends of the Industry.

Connections and social media

Most of the fantasy sports operators want to stay in touch with their users nowadays. So, almost every fantasy sports app, including dream 11 prediction, has turned into a mini social media of sorts. Now, a user can keep a track of what his friends are doing, when they are winning besides sharing a win or anything else in their feed. 

Another major development in the industry is private leagues. Earlier, it wasn’t possible to choose an opponent of your choice. But, now you can! Now, you can get to challenge your friend and double the fun of sports. Fantasy operators have understood that users are more comfortable on their platform with their friends around. 

User engagement

More and more operators are making sure to connect with users and discuss sports. They are more interested in what a user wants and what kind of content he wants to consume or engage with. The operators are always uploading images or videos even when the game is not on to keep things exciting for a user. In a nutshell, the engagement has increased massively. 

Stat-based assistance to deep dive 

Online daily fantasy sports was a digital playing ground but has now evolved into an extensive one. Data analytics, interpretation and assistance has taken a front seat. Certainly, with the help of data user is more assured to make fantasy cricket or fantasy football bets. A sports fan gets validation and surety of making informed decisions and hence, he/she is more involved in data than ever. Since sports are numbers game and yes every sports fanatic loves staying abreast with statistical data, interpretation and all the info to get involved in the game.

Live Tracking

Again, data has a come a long way. Machine learning and analytics have given a major boost to the industry. Live tracking was non-existent five years back. The tools such as live tracking your performances has changed the entire landscape of online gaming. It has brought credibility to the industry and is one of the reason the users have their trust in the fantasy platforms.

Options, more options, even more options

The traditional daily fantasy sports game was one-dimensional or had one-game theory. Not anymore! With time, options are only increasing for the user. Now there is all in one app for all the sports you like, you can play fantasy cricket and fantasy football or even basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, baseball on one platform.

It doesn’t end here. There are plenty of games or ways fantasy games can be played. The options are endless! You can play the traditional way, you can make a few picks, and you can answer a few questions. There are so many ways to get involved.

As far as the projections for the industry are concerned, the global fantasy sports market size is expected to go breach $1.5 billion by 2024. The party is going to get bigger!

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