5 Countries where Jewellery making courses are popular

Jewellery making and designing are two aspects through which jewellery pieces are created. Making and designing could be considered the same or different. Designing is the start of the process, the plan, where shapes and forms get a blueprint. Making involves giving the plan a definite action – where the plans come to life. So, we will look at both aspects. Jewellery designing is a popular course, where designers are advised on how to create designs based on the materials given. Whereas, jewellery making is more about handling actual metals and stones. This knowledge is usually imparted on the job and not many offer this as a course professionally. If we look at countries where jewellery designing courses are popular, then here they are.

United States

The United States has some of the big jewellery brands in the world. Plus, there are multiple reasons why the rich and glamorous frequent the United States. Tiffany, Cartier, Bvlgari are some well known brands and all of them have branches and even headquarters in the US. These brands have become popular because they associate themselves with the rich and famous, while having spectacular designs with metals and unique stones. Jewellers in the US look for designers who can create breakthrough designs and hence the country also has professional courses for jewellery designing.


Canada has some of the best luxe jewellery brands that the world has to offer. Cadette jewellery, Anne Marie Chagnon and Anastassia Sel are some of the most famous designers in Canada. Canadian designer Jenny Bird has a long list of celebrity clients including Awkwafina, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. There are private jewellers too who invest in good designers to create pretty and wearable designs for clients. The country also has a good list of places that offer jewellery designing and then job options.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom also has a big list of places that offer jewellery designing courses. The market for jewellery designers is strong in the UK as large department store retailers employ designers to produce unique jewellery pieces for daily use. Plus, one may have heard of brands like Pandora and Swarovski, which are based out of the UK. The UK also has one of the largest diamond markets in the world and customers often look for hatton gardens engagement rings, to get the best designs and deals. The shops in the hatton garden area have great designs and expertise to create masterpieces. They can be potential employers as well to the jewellery designers.


Italy follows the countries mentioned above in terms of schools offering jewellery designing courses. Italian cities have fashionable residents and there is a demand for cool jewellery pieces. Italian jewellery brands include Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana. One of the oldest jewellery design houses Buccellati has a history of creating eye catching jewellery. The country also has a good number of rich and famous people who look for great designs. Hence a jewellery designer will always be in demand in this country.


Russia has a school that offers diamond studies that include mining, sorting and processing of diamonds. Studying diamonds is a unique art and comes in handy when making purchases and sales. Russian jewellery houses produce truly unique designs which tap into the regional culture for inspiration. After all, this is the home of the Faberge Eggs. The demand for pretty and ethnic designs is quite high and so is it for designers. Apart from the beaches in Russia, or the travel places, students from other countries often opt for various educational courses there.

Jewellery designing is a complex process because it involves thinking and drawing inspiration to create something breathtaking. Jewellery making is a craft which comes with practice. Adding stones, smelting metal is all a part of it. Because the craft is so unique, there is a high demand for items like engagement rings hatton gardens. If any sellers’ designs and pieces are good then there will always be a demand for them.

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