5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Reading!

We all have heard our elders emphasizing on the importance of reading 24/7. They try to push us to read newspapers, books, novels, magazines and every other piece of paper that has words on it. But what they fail to do is explain to us the importance of readings and the benefits we can draw from this habit. It is not like you should keep reading all the time. There are a lot of things to do in life and a lot of things to manage. 

Keeping a novel with you or committing to read the Japanese history is something very big. Only commit to such cause when you have time to spare and the courage to read, otherwise you will leave it in between. Resulting in you ignoring reading and finding pleasure elsewhere. 

Here is how you should maintain your habit of reading. Try reading chunks of information, rather than committing to a 1000 page book. Try reading articles online on the subway or on you way to work. This helps a lot if you’re not a hardcore reader. This technique is also useful for people who are not so fond of reading. Start by reading things that interest you, for example fashion magazines or tech blogs, they help you a lot. Start by giving this article a thorough read.

Also, if you’re a hardcore reader, here are the 10 books which will change your life. They will help you financially, emotionally and physically, to shape your life for your own betterment. 

Reading is an Exercise for the Brain

According to research and recent findings, reading is actually a nice exercise for the human brain. It actually gets the brain pumping and active. Do you occasionally feel like your brain doesn’t function like it used to in your younger days? Do you feel like your brain isn’t as smart as it used to be? When I asked myself these questions, I got frustrated at the fact that why can’t I help my brain get back to its previous pace. After a lot of researching I found that reading good and informative articles make your brain work better than usual. 

If you have trouble selecting things to read then don’t worry. We’ve got a solution for you. Let’s start brainstorming about things you like. Do you like movies and is your favorite genre action? Try reading comic books and read articles about your favorite superheroes online. If you have no time to read and keep a manual with yourself, start by reading short articles about things which amaze you. You can read things about mysteries of this world or economical conditions. If you like to read intellectual stuff, you can always find MLAs and research papers online, to fascinate your brain with. Not so hard, right?

You’re Giving up on so Much Knowledge

You have no idea how much are you giving up on. Knowledge is everything in this fast growing world, you catch a grip of one technology and they have already released a phone with three cameras. For some apparent use, in my humblest humor. Knowledge can be regarded as any piece of information which benefits your brain. Giving up reading is giving up on information and stepping a step back from your mates. Read as much as possible, read things which interest you but read

Once you’ve developed the love to read and you’re a habitual reader, start gaining knowledge and keep track of it. Try reading instruction manuals to the products you buy. Read tech blogs and read about the new upcoming gadgets which will change the course of the world. Read about recent historical findings. Read about world politics and the economic changes happening all around the globe. All of this will never go to waste, it will all be worth the read. 

It Brings your Mind at Peace

Peace is something taken lightly. However, many people were reported to never have experience self satisfaction and inner peace even though many of them were millionaires. Even the famous actor Jim Carrey once stated in his interview “I wish everyone could be famous and rich, so that people could see that this is not the answer.” He said these words with a heavy heart. It is important that we start considering state of peace for our mind. Reading novels can help your mind achieve inner peace. When you read, you tend to draw yourself closer to nature and try to experience what the author is trying to depict in his writing. You try to absorb someone else’s dilemma into yours and see the bigger picture. 

Works as a Stress Reduction Catalyst

Believe it or not, reading does work as a stress reduction catalyst. There might be punching bags and other objects which help you reduce stress. There might be pills as well, which can instantly help you reduce stress. Reading can help you release stress from your mind. It helps you to concentrate better at work and makes your mind fresh and functional. The better your brain works, the better you perform at work. Reading also helps you ignore thoughts which are toxic for your brain. Keeps your thoughts straight and to the point, helps you weigh out the negative from your life and concentrate on your positive. 

Enhancement of Your Memory

Reading can also help you make your memory better. Since reading involves focus and concentration, so, your brain tends to remember all the minor details in order to comprehend the entire book or the article. The more you read, the more you exercise your brain to function properly. Several doctors prescribe patients to read when they complain of memory loss or short term memory. Many people complain that they have a lack of concentration, they try hard to remember where they kept their keys but no answers come back to them. Read and read for your own betterment. 

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