5 ways you can Easily Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Over time Instagram is largely becoming the face of Social Media, the reason why people and brands are creating more than one Instagram accounts. It might be celebrities like Justin Bieber or Cole Sprouse who has different accounts for privacy purposes, or big giants like Parle, who has a different Instagram account for each of its products, or Deloitte, who boasts of having a different account for every country it is based in.

Irrespective of the purpose, managing multiple Instagram accounts is not a walk on the cake. Infact, it is a very clinical task and needs to be performed with efficiency and time. Especially with over 95 million posts per day, it’s a whole new ballgame!

The reason why I have enlisted the top 5 ways to help you manage the functioning of all your accounts simultaneously.

Develop a strategy

Strategy – the foundation block of every process without which the entire building will fall apart. It helps you prepare and keep you calm especially when you are handling multiple Instagram accounts. A good strategy is when it enlists activities aligning with your Instagram goals. So, keep a record of your goals and draft your posts, accordingly, note down the timings and be consistent. If you successfully implement the strategy, you will not miss out on your scheduled posts, keep the audience engaged, and eventually walk towards the desired results. Undoubtedly, there is always room for some adjustments on various aspects like content crafted, posting times and so on. 

Here’s a brand example – Target, which has an independent Instagram account TargetStyle for home and fashion content, to target the fashion aspect of their brand.

Craft your content

We all have heard stories of ‘Content is King!’ But when you are managing multiple Instagram accounts, it can get extremely overwhelming to track content for all the accounts. Quality content can alone give you all the spotlight needed. I am sure each of your accounts must have a particular theme to follow, so remember to curate content in tandem with it and of course with the target audience it is supposed to reach. Organize your content at least a week earlier so that you have a well-defined path ahead of you. Keep a tap on ‘what’s trending’ and post a hint of it in each of your accounts.

Here’s how J.Crew does it. While it markets itself as a ‘ladies only’ brand, the store carries clothes for both sexes. The reason why they have a dedicated account (jcrewmens) for the male audience) –

Lineup your posts

You are not just handling one account they are three or four or even more (in some cases), so naturally, it will be stressful. You can’t just pick up visuals and post at any given time only if you don’t want to miss out on the followers awaiting your presence. Schedule your posts for the coming week to increase more followers on your increase account. If you think it’s a lot of manual effort, you have a lot of free tools available for its operation. Now analyze your activities on various parameters like engagement, growth, strategy optimization, and others. Once you recognize the correct timing that record maximum engagement, reschedule your posts.

The master of sportswear, Adidas, has a number of Instagram accounts based on the region, each of which records a very high number of followers. One of the reasons for the flourishment is definitely its consistency of posting.

Available Tools

Make the best use of available tools

The technology has made our lives easy. There are a lot of tools available on the world wide web to streamline your operations and keep you hassle-free. Only if you know how to put them to use, management of multiple accounts on Instagram will no longer be stressful. Right from strategizing, reporting, posting and then analyzing – every step in the process can be backed up by the machine efforts of various tools. And of course, combined with the manual efforts you are already on the ladder to success.

Keep your captions ready

In the game of Instagram, captions are your masterstroke. If they are rushed, everything else will be a complete waste of time. Captions aren’t just about putting a few words together – it is a lot more. They involve a call to action, hashtags, and other name tags too. So just like the scheduling keep your captions ready ahead of time. This will give you enough time to think and craft captions that are other have never thought of!

If you follow these 5 ways as explained, I am sure they will considerably reduce the extra-pressure of handling multiple Instagram accounts and ensure a smooth functioning!

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