7 Reasons That Highlight The Essence Of Online Marketing As Compared With Offline Shopping

When Christmas mirth and gaiety mark the season, it is impossible to stay away from the infectious gaiety that the season extends to all in its ambit. The season submerges in it the high and lows of the entire year. In most towns, the squares transform into magical Christmas wonderlands in the holiday season wherein the highlight remains ‘the Christmas tree’ centering in these areas. It is always a pleasure to spot people, after work, beeline for the attractions in these squares. Tourists and locals throng the place alike. The locals often standby to sing the Christmas carols with friends and family exchanging gifts, goodies, and wanna buy while tourists overlook the verve and fun. The sweet sound of the clarinet humming the carol behind fills the air and sounds of cool fun in the vicinity. The air reverberates with sounds of cool fun coming alive with peels of laughter from youth and children alike. Amidst all this, shopping reigns supreme. It remains the most important aspect of completing the fun. Christmas is about so much shopping, not just for oneself, that virtually not all office goers have the time to do so in shopping arcades. Therefore, in that case, the only resort is to shop online. 

Online Shopping is a Huge Time Saver

Ask any avid lover of online shopping, the first thing that you get to hear is the sense of freedom of time while shopping. Angelina is an avid shopper, but only online. The one thing that she values most is the freedom that she has regarding choosing the time when she can shop. Being a researcher in marketing management, Angelina is seeking an expert’s assignment help in her studies. Doing so, often makes it difficult for her to be in the shopping malls at the right time when the season is on.  Angelina, therefore, seeks respite online for shopping too. It helps her save time. She claims she can log in to her favourite website any time of the day or night and decide her choicest picks putting them aside to come back again the next day to confirm orders. Not only does the online shopping help her save time, but it is also a huge help in helping her not buy the items she probably booked without much thought.    

Transportation is the next best thing that you save on

Ben resides in Uluru, located in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Central Australia. His nearest large town is 335 km away. Ben visits uptown once in a hundred days. He has nothing else to fall back on for the rest of the things like commodities and groceries but for the stuff that’s available online. Ben likes the idea of online shopping to be his saviour divine. It is especially true of the area that he resides in. Online shopping is the best thing that happened. It saves his transportation cost largely and if he has to shop in town, the friends get together to pool car and shop in the inland.  

You Shop Online Anytime ‘You’ Want

For Sonia, a homemaker and a shopping enthusiast, online shopping is her biggest retreat. It gives her a high, Sonia enjoys the facility of buying all the top of the line brands in her own space and time or whenever she is open to the idea of it. Sonia is also a young mother of a newborn. With her chores, with the different designations and responsibilities that she carries, it is very very important for her to have her reverie time in her rocking chair where she sits to rock and decide her buys for her friends and family for the buying Christmas season ahead. Sonia is hugely in love with the ‘Me Time’ that shopping online provides.

The Wholesale Products Available Are A Cheaper Bargain

For Alex, a baby boomer, shopping completes in the arcades when various sale offers are available. But that is not applicable for Harry, a millennial. He rejoices in the privilege of shopping online. Harry does not have to wait for the season’s end for the sale offers that are available throughout online. They only get bigger when the festive season is on. Harry feels the products available online are a cheaper bargain available 24*7, they seem to carry a wholesale rate throughout the year he avers, making portal shopping his favourite. And Harry has helped his mother, Lisa to hook on to his favourite past time, shopping online.

The tedious time spent standing in queues while shopping  is saved

With the offers that invade city shoppers in the festive season of Christmas and New Year, especially the Sale offered beginning from Black Friday, have long queues waiting for billing counters. Several instances of mob lynching have been reported across the globe during this time when people beeline for offers standing in queues for endless hours awaiting. This, however, need not be seen in online shopping, where the customer is king, at all times.

It is an easy search of the product online

Such is the pleasure shopping online, says Harry,  he only needs to logon to his favourite window that sells his best brand. The products are all mentioned there and he has to only confirm his buy. Making the whole process of buying the desired product a child’s play rather than being lost in a list of brands and sizes available in shopping malls. What Harry finds more attractive is the return and exchange policies that accompany all buys.

Summing Up:

Shopping is an experience to be enjoyed. Often while doing so, a few factors need to be ingrained in buyers online or offline. They are his capacity to strategise his shopping in a manner that he keeps an account of the branding of the product, look for some good advertisements about it and have internal research that is complete before procuring the product. 

Author Bio:

This article is written by Martha Django. She works as an academic consultant and supervises the team that provides assignment help in Australia to students. Martha is one of the core members at My Assignment Services who recently launched their academic service, marketing assignment help.      


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