9 Ways To Save Money In The Summer As A Student

As a student, saving can be quite tricky it’s something that we often neglect to prioritize, and come summer there are dangers of overspending and stretching finances a little bit too much on all the fun (yet not so cheap) activities summer has to offer.

Here are nine tips to help you save up to your heart’s content and still have a little bit of fun during this warm holiday season: 

Come up with a practical, feasible budget

Budgets are useful and efficient. Create a draft, work out the essentials, and make sure to cross of non-essentials and put in priorities first. Balance the fun, but make sure you’re not needlessly going over your finances. (P.S. Cut that subscription you’re not using anymore.)

Set up a savings goal and start a savings account

Setting up a savings goal is a good way to motivate you into bettering your finances. Setting up an automated savings account is another effective move.

 Skip the pricey outings and opt for free activities

Yes, there are many tempting things to do during this warm season but be ye wise with it, hold off on certain social activities. Summer also offers a lot of free fun activities and events. Look around for local events, or come up with an “adventure list” that you can do.

Cycle, run and walk to your destinations

Bust out that old trusty bike you used to use, pump up the wheels, and work those calves. Not only is it an effective, and healthy means of transportation, biking also helps you save up on gas and other car expenses whilst helping shape that beach bod.

Use your skills

There are plenty of ways to earn online, be it random odd jobs or specific skillset required tasks. With all this free time why not look for ways you can earn a quick dime or two.

Garage sale/Marketplace

Another great way of saving up is selling those things you don’t use anymore. Old textbooks, random valuable stuff you collected as a kid, or your sibling’s stuff. Instead of throwing out junk why not sell them, who knows, they could be worth a buck or two.

Grab second-hand goods

Looking to buy something? Why not get it cheaper, and buy it second-hand.

Student discounts

Make the most out of this. Spend your dough on places that offer student discounts, and bit by bit the amount you save will go up up up.

Plan your meals and make them

Put on your toque and look up some recipes, learning to cook is fun. Planning and making your own meals helps cut off on food expenses, so instead of getting Mexican take-out, why not make your own for way less.


So there it is, nine ways you can save up while still having fun. In essence: plan, plan, and plan. Keep your budget tight and make your spare time productive, and you’ll be sure to rack up a good amount of savings.

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