A Beginners Guide to Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty or operation of nose is one of the surgeries that better results can have to aesthetic and general level.

The visual point that the nose occupies in the context of the face and, therefore, of the aesthetics of the human being, makes it an element of vital importance for the physical appearance. However, the issue of surgical treatment as a response to the dissatisfaction of the demands of beauty and personal appearance generated by the nose, proposes a series of questions, myths and realities that can be answered in the field of plastic surgery.

Within the procedure it is not superfluous to say that it is handled with two techniques, open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty
It is where the scars are internal so we can only distinguish them, this intervention is carried out through the nostrils.

Closed Rhinoplasty
In this technique, the bone and cartilage are worked on directly when the pressure increases.

Risks of rhinoplasty
If the patient chooses a surgeon with experience in the matter, the probabilities of complications are really minimal and will depend on the care that the patient puts in his recovery, nevertheless it is important before making the decision to be operated to know all the risks that could be faced, within which they are:

– Infections
– Allergies to anesthesia
– Unfavourable results
– Notorious scars
– Some breathing problems
– A nosebleed
– An asymmetrical partition
– Hematomas

Benefits obtained from a rhinoplasty as say a center rinoplastia barcelona
Although going through this type of surgery in particular can be very annoying and painful, depending on the urgency of the patient to change their nose and the good decisions made to choose their surgeon, the effort will undoubtedly have been worthwhile, bringing with it the following benefits:

Improving respiratory problems: Nose surgery can help a person breathe better by opening their nostrils.
Correction of birth defects: When a person is born with a deviated septum, rhinoplasty may be the quickest solution.
Correction of accidents: In many cases it is young athletes as well as adults who run after this surgery, after having suffered a blow or a fall that diverted them or broke the nose.
Increase in self-esteem: Since the nose is something that is noticeable to the naked eye and a letter of introduction, it is indispensable for many for their personal evaluation to have a more proportionate nose that offers them confidence in society and acceptance.

Now that you know more about rhinoplasty, you must appreciate that the advantages of this type of procedure are many if the right decisions are made from the beginning (remember that we mentioned them!) and you have the will to follow step by step the necessary care that the surgeon tells you.

So don’t worry anymore and run to your trusted plastic surgeon and tell him that you want that new touch to your nose that will change your life.

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