Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Flooring

Are you thinking of revamping flooring in your house? Well, it can indeed be a challenging task. There quite a few things that you need to think about and carefully consider. The biggest one of them is what material should be used. The answer is to choose the material that can survive through the years and take wear and tear. For such demands, the best material thing to use are tiles – they are the most versatile. Tiles not only give your room a classy touch but also last long.

However, before you dive in to purchase them for your room, here are some of its advantages and disadvantage you need to go through first. 


1. Durable 

Tiles are moisture-resistant, making them difficult to crack and increasing their life span. They will last you for decades. Moreover, they can endure high-foot traffic. If you’re investing in tiles, you will, for sure, get good value for money. 

2. Low-maintenance 

Tiles can be easily cleaned. There is a liquid layer of glass usually installed on top of it that protects it from dirt, liquid, and stains. This means that you can easily wipe the stains clean with a mop. The cherry on the top: Tiles don’t have active chemical properties, which means that bacteria, fungus, or viruses don’t grow on their surfaces. 

3. 100 points for style and class 

If you’re getting a tile flooring in your room, you needn’t worry about styling because tiles come with a lot of class and charm. If you’re a vintage lover, you should opt for vintage tiles. They are classy and will add a unique statement to your room, enhancing its overall look. 

Spending on terracotta tiles is also all things favorable. These tiles usually come in bright shades and beautiful patterns, which will brighten your room. 


1. Hard flooring 

The surfaces of the tiles are hard. While this may make them easier to clean, it also increases the risk of damage when objects fall. For a clumsy person, this may mean a lot of material damage. 

2. Extreme temperatures 

Tiles can easily absorb the temperature in the environment. This means that they can get very hot in summer and cool in winter. However, if you keep them away from direct sunlight, tiles can keep your house nice and cool. 

3. Heavy installation 

While the perks of tiles seem very favorable, the process of installing them may be a little hectic. The installation of tiles requires heavy machinery such as grouts and mortars. The process is long and time-consuming. Moreover, a small mistake during the installation can lead to considerable damages in the future. 

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