Advantages of studying in America

Students who study in the United States can enjoy a broader educational advantage, and these advantages are only more obvious in the United States. A sound American education system and a flexible education system are the driving force behind the dream of studying in the United States. Therefore, many people apply for undergraduate or apply for junior high school to study abroad every year.

First, the top international education standards. It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of higher education in the United States is the highest in the world. In the latest top 100 universities in the world in 2010, the number of American universities accounted for nearly half, and the US Department of Education is pleased that the first and second universities are all American universities. The United States is undoubtedly the world’s number one in terms of supporting facilities, teacher level, education expenditure, teaching level and even the educational environment, as well as the society’s awareness and emphasis on education. At the same time, American higher education qualifications are widely recognized and respected around the world.

Second, the fair award, the scholarship system. American universities attach great importance to the attraction and investment of talents. Even if you are an international student, as long as you are excellent in all aspects, the chances of applying for tuition reduction, full or partial scholarships are very great. Moreover, as long as students perform well at school, scholarships can support all tuition and living expenses during their studies in the United States, which is almost impossible in other countries studying abroad.

Third, more opportunities for work-study dropouts. There are many opportunities in American colleges and universities to provide students with work-study programs. The average student only needs to work for 15 hours or so per week. This not only helps the family’s economic situation, but also is very effective for students’ learning, which makes them better and their relationships more friendly. If the student is willing to continue working during the holiday, the income from the income subsidy is enough.

Therefore, the competitiveness of applying for studying in the United States is also very large. Many people are not sure that they can apply for success. The study agent has become their help. Study agents can not only develop a comprehensive program to help you apply for school success, but also help you solve the headaches of urgent transfer (also known as 美国紧急转学), internship after you enter school. Some Study agent may even help you to prepare your h1b visa and h1b materials (h1b签证材料) if you want to look for a job after graduation.


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