All the information on rhinoplasty or surgery of the nose

Rhinoplasty is the operation of aesthetic surgery that allows correcting or beautifying the nose changing its shape and / or size (enlarging it or making it smaller). In addition, congenital or acquired defects are corrected for: an accident, illness or previous nasal surgery.

When a person has a nose that is considered ugly, either because it is too big or too small, because it has a hump or tip that falls or because it does not harmonize with the rest of the face; You can create feelings of insecurity that in some cases, can come to condition the way you behave or personal relationships. It is important that the nose is in proportion and in harmony with the face as say the center rinoplastia barcelona

The nose is a complicated structure, which is composed of multiple: cartilage, bones and muscles. These elements provide the framework, which, on the one hand, confers its external form and, on the other, enables its functions in respiration. All of them can be modified to give the form, and each person must analyze one by one and plan that surgery, which provides the optimal aesthetic and functional result.

In addition to aesthetics, relatively often the external deformities of the nose are associated with deviations from the septum (septum), which can cause breathing difficulties and are treated with rhinoseptoplasty.

There are many modifications that can be made in a nose and very different from one person to another. Therefore, rhinoplasty must be individualized for each patient.

Rhinoseptoplasty or functional rhinoplasty as say rinoplastia barcelona
When we also want to improve breathing.

The nose should allow breathing without difficulty. In the same operation that improves the shape of the nose, you can also repair the nasal septum, to correct deviations or obstructions that hinder breathing. This operation is known as septoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty.

In some cases, the otolaryngologist’s collaboration may be convenient. To do this, we work in coordination with the Otorhinolaryngology Unit of the Quirón Hospital in Madrid. In the same surgery, the ENT is responsible for the improvement of respiratory function and then the plastic surgeon for aesthetic improvement

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