All you need to know about A dub strain

A dub is one of the robust and strongest strains of Cannabis. It is considered as one of the High potency strains. It has the white trichomes from the bud of marijuana, that makes its high potency. Moreover, it has chunky flowers on it too. A dub is a combination of two things. One is the Dwag and other is the sour double. You will taste some fruity lime in it and the flavor of dank is also in there. Some people might also feel the diesel aroma. However, it is not recommended for beginners because of the high potency. But it is great for advanced users.


If you want to feel relaxed, a dub is a good option. You can smoke it on the weekend or on holiday, while you enjoy with your friends all night. It may arise the creativity in you. You will feel like drawing, singing, or doing other creative things. No wonder, you will surely enjoy everything a lot more with the smoke of dub. Make sure you do not smoke a lot of it. It may affect you heart.

Moreover, if you are new to this, make sure you try some before you smoke more. This way you will understand the effect of it. Because of the various effects it has, which depends on the individual. You may try other things if you don’t like it.

Medical use

It can cure body pain. So, if you are suffering from body pain, you can take some of it. It can also help you deal with depression and other mood disorders. So, you no longer have to worry. In addition to this, a dub can help you lift up your mood and reduce insomnia if you have it. Moreover, it will help you deal with nausea issues. It is a great way to reduce stress and worries. All you need is to smoke some dub.

Negative effects

If you smoke a lot of the dub; it may affect you a lot. Moreover, it will also make you anxious if you consume it a large quantity. If you want to reduce negative effects do not smoke a lot of it. It may also cause dry eyes. So, you will require eye drops to make yourself feel better. Moreover, you will also feel dry mouth so you will need to drink more water to reduce that dryness.


For those who have already experienced Cannabis, A dub is a great option to try. However, the high potency of it is not for everyone to handle. So, make sure you try in a small amount before you take a bigger quantity to smoke. In addition to this, if you do not want a lot of negative effects on your body you will require to have a small quantity. Another thing is that you should not take it if you have a lot of anxiety issues. It may cause your anxiety to get worst.


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