An Introduction to Pool Landscaping.

Adding a pool to your backyard is a great way to escape the brutal Australian summers and can make you the most popular family in the street. A pool provides a central point for leisure and entertainment and, if done correctly, can dramatically increase the value of your home. 

Your choice of pool should complement the design of your home, and there are many designs you can choose from. This guide isn’t going to cover choosing a pool; instead I will guide you through the basics of landscaping and how this can complement and enhance your pool.

Landscaping refers to the design around your pool, including everything from fencing to outdoor lounge chairs. A well-landscaped pool will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will have increased functionality. Landscaping and design are just as important as the pool itself, so let’s get started.

Keep It Safe

In true Australian fashion, there is a comprehensive (and restrictive) set of laws that dictate the safety features of your pool area. You must have a fence or barrier at least 1.2 meters tall around the perimeter and a non-climbable zone of around a meter around the pool. 

These laws place limitations on your design and must be considered carefully. The ‘non-climbable’ zone around the pool forbids any furniture or climbable surfaces from being near the pools fence or barrier. This will influence the way your outdoor furniture is placed, as well as paving, etc.

When landscaping your pool, keep in mind lines of sight. A barrier and buffer zone around your pool might be a bit restrictive to the design, but it ensures that your pool is safe and easy to monitor. Even if you don’t have children, you must comply with these standards. Australians let us all rejoice for we are young and free. 

Build Around Your Pool

Your new pool is probably the most expensive thing in your backyard, so make it the focal point. The choice of pool will dictate your tiling, landscaping features, and furniture. Designing a space around your pool will help you tie the area in with your home and create harmonious flow between outdoor and indoor.

Consider the size and shape of your backyard and its relationship to your pool. Lighting can play a huge role in the aesthetics of your pool, so it is worth consulting with a professional if you are considering lighting up your pool.

Remember Who It’s For

Your pool area is for you and your loved ones. Don’t get caught up in trends or fads, design an area that you and your family like and ignore the naysayers. When landscaping considers how much room will be left and how much room is normally needed. For example, do your kids still have enough room to play? 

A pool area is a perfect place to entertain, and with that in mind, consider how much space you will have for seating, cooking, etc. Make sure you have enough space for free movement from the pool to other areas and consider the type of materials you are using and if they are appropriate for the users of the area.

An outdoor lounge setting is an outdoor entertainer’s best friend, and they can be found in all shapes and styles. Picking the right furniture will accent your pool and make it more functional and enjoyable to spend time in.

Adding a pool to your home is exciting and can become the new favorite room of the house. A pool is also a hefty investment that can pay off if done right. Choose a pool that suits your home and backyard and appease the Australian government by installing the necessary safety features, and you will be well on your way to a fun poolside summer.


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