Barclona Is A City that you can not stop visiting again and again

Best places in Barcelona
Barcelona is a city that you can not stop visiting again and again. The second most important city of Spain surprises with the imposing architectural beauty of its museums, palaces, and churches, strongly marked by the influence of Antonio Gaudí; It enamors visitors who come to its green spaces, such as Park Güell or Montjuic mountain and also, as a coastal destination, you can enjoy a long promenade, which welcomes the most luxurious yachts and leads you to the local beach to taste the best of its gastronomy.

The Ciudad Condal, known for hosting major sporting and musical events, offers many places to meet during a weekend getaway, so we have made a list of those that you should not miss.
The best way to end the day is to go into the park to enjoy a quiet walk, away from the bustle of the city, and discover a multitude of animal sculptures and columns in the form of a tree, as well as the Calvary Monument that will give you the better views.

In the main entrance you will find two little houses that seem to be taken from a story. One of them, the Guardian House, usually offers exhibitions about the history of the park. One of the obligatory photos is that of the central square of the park, with a beautiful staircase, and a snake-shaped bench, made of mosaic of bright colors, of 110 m. long.

Another of the most emblematic snapshots is the Gran Plaza Circular, which shows a panoramic view of Barcelona and its coast. This square is known worldwide for its huge bench decorated with mosaics, one of the longest in the world.
The originality of this incredible architect is once again seen in Casa Batló, the most representative work of Catalan modernism, built between 1904 and 1906. In the words of Gaudí himself: “There are no straight lines or right angles in nature. Therefore, buildings should not have straight lines or right angles. ”
Subsequently, between the years 1906 and 1912, the residence of the Milá lords was built, a bourgeois family of the early twentieth century, and which can also be visited. The best thing about this visit is the rooftop, where chimneys in the form of warriors will surprise you, as well as being able to see the city center from above, as say the tourism center alquiler piso lujo Barcelona.

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