Best Careers to Choose That Impact People’s Lives

Like it or not, we have no choice but to earn a living. All too often, workers find themselves dissatisfied with their careers, longing for a chance to do something more with their lives. It’s natural for you to want to make the world a better place or make a difference for people who need it. If your career feels less than meaningful, it might be time to make a change. More specifically, it might be time to embark upon a career path that can impact people’s lives.

Medical Professional



One of the first impactful career paths that’s sure to come to mind is a job in the medical field. Consider, for example, becoming a family nurse practitioner (FNP). As a family nurse practitioner, you’ll work directly with families to prevent disease, protect them from illness, and promote general health and wellbeing. An FNP requires several certifications, including a master’s degree, state-specific license to practice, and national certification. Like other medical professions, the training required to become an FNP pays off with ample salary and the satisfaction of making a difference and helping patients manage and improve their health.




You could learn everything you ever wanted to know about criminal defense lawyers and one aspect of the career path would stand out: the ability to support the justice system and ensure that a defendant is charged with a crime only when they’re proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal defense attorney lends a strong, knowledgeable voice to their defendant’s case, whether the criminal charge is classified as a felony or misdemeanor. The criminal defense attorney’s ultimate goal is to end the trial with an acquittal, allowing their client to go free. Criminal defense lawyers uphold the criminal justice system, just as other bar-certified attorneys work towards a safe, just world.




A career in counseling is another job opportunity that will entice people looking to impact others’ lives. With specialties including school, family, and health counseling, a licensed counselor will provide support to individuals facing career concerns, educational efforts, mental health, behavioral, or substance abuse concerns, family conflicts, or disabilities. The chance to counsel someone in need through what may very well be the most difficult moments of their life is without a doubt one of the most powerful careers in terms of having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Personal Trainer

Becoming an FNP or other type of nurse practitioner isn’t the only way you can promote better health in your community. Careers such as a personal trainer or nutritionist can transform your clients’ lives. From guiding them through daily gym sessions to motivating them to reach their goals, a fitness expert will have a direct impact on motivating people to be more healthy and feel better about themselves. The best possible outcomes of a session with you will be a client who’s regained their confidence and their health, with the regular physical activity they need to maintain that progress, whether they’re actively working with you or not.




If one of the above careers isn’t an ideal fit, teaching just might be. A good teacher can have a lifelong positive impact on their students. With each lesson, a teacher will make strides towards a better-educated world. Plus, even more importantly, they’ll encourage the young people in their community to be better people and make even more of an impact as they grow. The influence of an attentive teacher can stay with even the youngest student for a lifetime. In fact, many teachers go into the field inspired by a teacher who first had an impact on them!

Dreaming of a career that will change your life and have a positive influence on the world around you? From becoming a family nurse practitioner or personal trainer to counseling clients in the courtroom or students in the classroom, the right job will allow you to make an impact on people’s lives and find the meaning you’re searching for.

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