Blaze4days publishes a new product review page for CBD pens

Blaze4days, an online info-hub for cannabis news, studies and product reviews recently published an article, reviewing the best CBD pens commercially available in the market. Ever since the wave of cannabis legalization, the CBD market has exploded in size. Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in North America, but demand for CBD products is great enough that CBD can be considered a standalone market category.

Unlike other cannabis-related products, CBD products are exclusively medicinal, meaning its applications are for medical purposes. This is because consuming CBD does not entail a psychedelic effect, only THC does that. Unlike THC, CBD does not create any notable feelings physically, but its medical properties are incredibly versatile in terms of its applications. Illnesses ranging from cancer anorexia, ALS, post-surgery bodily pains and even PTSD and anxiety can be treated with CBD. Although more studies need to be conducted, there is a glimmering hope that CBD can be beneficial for a lot of patients.

There are many ways of consuming CBD. In general, CBD products can range from oils and tinctures, vaporizer pens with a rechargeable battery, disposable vape pens, capsules and pills, and even in powder form. From the personal experiences of the blaze4days staff, using CBD pens, especially the rechargeable ones, are the easiest to use for terminally-ill patients. For very ill patients, performing any physical activity can be stressful and inconvenient. Patients should be able to access their CBD medication without much difficulty.

Considering these aspects, CBD tinctures, capsules and powders are difficult to consume for terminally ill patients. This is because consuming CBD oil through tinctures or capsules require heavy swallowing and intake of water immediately afterwards. In the case of using powders, we should not expect terminally ill patients to swirl CBD powder in water. If you are a caregiver looking after a patient, the least the caregiver can do is provide an accessible form of CBD that can be taken readily at the patients’ wishes. Having easy access to medication also instills a sense of dignity for patients as well.

For these reasons, here at blaze4days, we value recommending CBD pens as the go to choice for consuming CBD, especially for terminally ill patients who are physically weak. However, even CBD pens vary in many ways. The CBD pens we are showcasing on our website are mostly under $100. For example, a CBD products company like CBDfx offers a variety of oil and vape juice flavors that any consumer would enjoy. In the case of a company like VapeBright, they offer only one type of CBD oil, but their oil is advertised as being better refined. A better refined oil in the CBD industry alludes that the oil contains no toxic carrier oils. Many consumers are realizing the extraordinary range of illnesses CBD can treat. Even though the studies have yet to be conclusive on CBD’s healing properties, especially in regards to cancer, there are many promising studies. More studies have to be conducted to validate CBD’s potential in the medical community, but it is just a matter of time.


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