Bucket list: Things to do in the Last Summer of High

The hard parts of this student life are finally over, you graduated with a great GPA, your SAT score was perfect and you got into the college of your dreams. However, of any of that did not happen you are still good to go to college and you survived though high school drama!

So now it is the last summer before you enter college life which will a bit harder but it hasn’t started yet and you will have the chance to enjoy life and make memories.

Here are a few things you can do to make it memorable

1.     Pack up all your course books

Now, don’t you start studying college books just because you want to be ahead of the other students in college?  Put them aside and just breathe let your mind relax. In our times we had a party where all students burnt they are never to be used assignments in the bonfire by the beach. However, you can’t do that now because we destroyed the environment enough but you can pack them up and give your heart the satisfaction that it’s done and dusted.

2.     Go to prom

Now many teenagers miss out on this because they don’t have a date or their friends simply are not going. Don’t do that! Dress up in your best dress get dolled up or suited up and enjoy the last event you will ever attend in your high school for the next 10 years.

3.     Go on a road trip

Plan with your friends and go on a road trip. It can be a weekend-long, a week-long or a month-long. You can go to the cities you wanted to see or attend the concert of the singer you love in another town. Take the necessary things with you and don’t stress the details. The plans will happen as you go and the journey will be beautiful. Take lots of pictures and go on adventures. The memories you make at this time will be precious and it will also strengthen your friendship bond.

4.     Take a few risks

These are the times when you would love to check out the clubs. Naturally, every teenager is curious about what happens behind those closed doors. You can also get to know that but for that, you would need a scannable fake id and a bit of confidence. Now it isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. But the rush of adrenaline you get will be worth it. However be cautious and don’t go around doing things like buying alcohol, buying drugs or guns (we strongly advise you against that).

5.     Take up a summer job

The first few days of college are a bit expensive and you won’t be able to get a job as soon as you get there because you would have to settle down in your dorm, shared house, and classes. So take up a job even a part-time one and save up as much money as you can. Also, this looks good on your resume as HR sees it has taken responsibility at a young age.

6.     Try to figure out things by experimenting or just learning

Now if you are confused about what career path you want to take once you are done from college. Don’t worry this is normal and this is what college is for, however, you can start in the summer to just meet people in different fields, visit different offices or browse on the internet. You never know you might find a thing that you enjoy doing.

7.     Be Lazy

Take long naps and wake up late in the morning because after this life won’t give you a chance to do this. If you’re a girl you can finally get back that fresh face before college and get rid of those dark circles that came because of those night studies.

Enjoy this time and make the most of this because the step after this will be all about making you independent and doing things the way the world does it.


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