Bundling Internet, TV, and Phone: Is It Worth It?

Many people hear about bundling services like TV, phone, or internet preferably if their provider offers all three services, and why not? Bundle deals prove to be much cheaper. In other words, they help you save a good amount of money. Most of the cable providers use these bundling offers as bait to attract more users. Bundles also come with better convenience since you can manage, say a wireless internet connection and a cable TV plan you want, on the same bill. You can also negotiate with your existing provider for a better promotion since a provider would never want to lose a customer who is interested in subscribing to multiple services, so chances are that you might end up winning a good discount. The point here is that why not get the same services at a lower price? Why not grab a bundle offer?

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Let us dive in deep regarding the pros and cons of these bundling offers.

What is Bundling?

Bundling refers to the collection of two or more services at a lower cost. TV, internet, and/or phone can be included in any combination. The double play plans usually consist of TV and the internet, while the triple play offers include a phone plan in the package as well. If you are planning to save up this year, you might want to reconsider some of the best bundle offers by the biggest providers at the most budget-friendly prices.

Why Opt for Bundling?

Bundling not only allows you to save a considerable amount of money but also you can avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple invoices by managing everything under one bill. Users can even get more incentives as part of the bundled services. It also lowers your chance for extra payment, since only one bill is easy to remember and get rid of in time.

Companies also offer additional benefits like gift vouchers or contract buyout programs to help prevent any termination charges. Some providers also offer free DVRs or app subscriptions for instance, which makes their bundle offers even more interesting for the users.

Make a Wise Choice

Bundle offers might generally be a smart choice since they are cheaper and offer greater convenience but also consider your usage and contract commitments that might come along. You should be sure that a double or triple play offer you are subscribing to has the most suitable channel lineup and desired internet speed you want. If you are expected to move to a new place any time soon, you should avoid subscribing to bundles that come along with a one or two-year contract policy and heavy ETF. In fact, it would rather be safe to opt for a standalone service without a contract to avoid any long term commitment that you cannot fulfill.

One-Stop Shopping

It is always good to purchase all your much-needed connectivity services from a single provider as it results in maximum convenience regarding the installation process and customer support services.

Promotional Offers

Providers come up with the best promotional offers for bundle deals to gain maximum subscribers. This means better discounts, free installation, additional features, and much more to make them even more alluring for the users.

Better Customization

Bundling might not necessarily mean that you must pay for any service that you would not be using actively. For instance, you don’t have to subscribe to a channel list or home phone service that you might not be using much. Some providers allow you to build your bundle. You can add channels of your choice and include the services you want to make the most out of the bundle deal. You can even change if you feel something is missing.

Know Your Bundle Type

It is always important to analyse your needs before making a choice. What is it that you are looking for? Do you require a TV, internet and phone service, a TV and internet service, or internet and phone service? You might be more interested in online streaming, so you would not want a cable TV plan for instance. If so, there is no point paying for it just because you direly need a fast speed internet and phone service. So, when you know your requirement, seek out the bundle offers that fit them perfectly at a more budget-friendly price. Only then, you can save a good amount of money while fulfilling your connectivity needs in the best way.

Wrapping Up,

A suitable bundle can surely offer the best TV, internet, and/or phone services with extra benefits and features to cater to your household connectivity needs at a much cheaper rate. So, it is worth it!


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