Challenges of Misinformation amid COVID-19

To consider the challenge of misinformation is itself needing a solution like the vaccine of COVID-19. The abundance of resources of information can even cause misinformation. That’s how myths are happening about COVID-19.

Sources of Information.

Today the bigger source of information on anything rests in the grasp of the internet. Everything is dependent upon it. It is undermining and underestimating the credibility of other means and modalities. If people can buy their Safety Glasses Online why cannot they learn about COVID-19 from online platforms? Yes, in the contemporary COVID-19 era, the internet has become a validated source of information. People have a reliance on their knowledge and education on public and global affairs on online platforms more than the conventional and electronic platforms these days. Does it matter which source people are getting the information about COVID-19 from? Is that source authentic? Is that source of information reliable that you accept the information as the reality? Here are some widely acknowledged resources of information.

  • Social Media
  • News Papers
  • Online Magazine
  • E-papers
  • Electronic Media

The veracity of Information & Social Platforms.

Social media stands as a top-ratted source of information in contemporary and critical ages. People are relying mostly on the fetched information from social media resources and circles. Is that reliance challenge to the prevailing misinformation and myths about COVID-19? Yes, this is the biggest challenge to be catered at best. Why are the knowledge and the information circulating on social media so unreliable?  Let’s say you read a post on any of the social media platforms about COVID-19. Do you have any reference to the veracity and authenticity of that information? Do you have any other criterion to judge whether the information is true or false? Similarly, there are other concerns about misinformation as well.

  • Zero Verification Policy
  • Additional Information
  • Unable to Halt Misinformation
  • Instant Propagation
  • Creating Myths
  • Falsified Perceptions

    How to Curb the Challenges.

The prevailing myths about COVID-19 are tremendously increasing. People are believing things for no reason at all. It has become a very challenging objective in these critical times to curb the information that is falsified about COVID-19. What are the most efficacious way and mediums that can curb this notion of myths and prevailing misinformation about COVID-19? World Organizations like the United Nations are holding up the Consecutive and Timely Media Briefing Sessions. The purpose of these media briefing sessions is to devise two things. First, the United Nations is constantly letting the world know about contemporary advancements and developments regarding the preparation of possible Vaccines. United Nations also briefs that to what extent that vaccine preparation process has been successful. Secondly, the United Nations is constantly telling the global audience about symptoms, causes, possibilities, and protective measures. This is the only way the United Nations is tackling the challenge of misinformation about COVID-19. Because the United Nations is the most authentic and the most verified resource of information about COVID-19. It is constantly recommending Mask, Eye Protecting Glasses, effective sanitizers, and other measures.

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