How to Clean Clothes Iron? Easy Methods

Irron Cloth

Ironing is not a fun job that people enjoy doing. It’s an everyday chore that is a pain to us. But this doesn’t mean you should be careless while ironing your expensive clothes.

Nowadays steam iron is very suitable to buy but demands a little but regular maintenance and cleaning. It will save your clothes from burning and make the ironing process easier for you. This article will make you aware of the proper cleaning methods for steam irons.

Methods to clean an iron:

Many people neglect the plate surface of the iron, but it needs your attention. Deposit and build-up on the surface prevent the smooth gliding of iron over fabric.

Materials like white vinegar, distilled water, table salt, dishwashing detergent, or toothpaste can be used for cleaning purposes. Toothpaste can be an excellent cleanser for many daily household objects. It is much better to clean a steam iron using toothpaste than using commercial cleaners. Spread a little amount of white toothpaste on the surface of your iron and then rub it with a damp cloth.

How to do you clean iron from inside?

Steam vents or ducts get clogged as minerals present in the water get deposited on the surface. For instance, lime scaling. Clogged pores leave mineral-filled water spots on your clothes. When your iron shows such behavior, it means it is the time to clean its vents. The following things are required to clean such clogged vents:

  • White vinegar
  • Distilled water
  • A toothbrush

You need to mix half a cup of both vinegar and distilled water and wash the iron with this mixture when it is unplugged. Check for any clogging in the steam iron ducts by placing the iron vertically. Clear the clogging with the help of a toothbrush.

These tools and materials can be used for easy cleaning of your iron. Commercial cleaners for cleaning irons are also available, but they are too harsh. Although they do the perfect unclogging and cleaning, they may cause damage to your iron. Using white vinegar is a safe and cheap method to keep your iron clean.

The next step is to turn it on. Let the iron heat up to the highest temperature and press the steam button to let the steam flow out. Press the button for at least five times until you observe a smooth flow of steam. Turn off and let it cool down. Drain out the vinegar.

If you do this cleaning after every few months, your iron will never cause any problem for you.

Tips to keep your iron clean always:

Never run the iron over metal zips, hooks, or pins in your clothes as they are damaging for your iron.

  • Always use distilled water to fill your iron tank.
  • Tap or filtered water contains minerals that get deposited on the iron surface.
  • Pores get clogged, and ultimately, your iron surface gets corroded and rusty.
  • After pressing the clothes, when the iron gets cool, remove the water from the tank, if you iron less frequently.
  • Pour water in it when the iron is unplugged and cold.
  • Keep the iron in a vertical upright position to avoid water leakage and surface corrosion.

Deploy these methods to make your steam irons and steam generator irons last longer and be more productive. 


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