Complete Antivirus Comparison Which One Is Better For A Home Use

Many websites like are talking about antivirus computer software which are a basis of data protection service which is set up in a computer system with an intention of protection from viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, Trojans, spam attack, and other online cyber threats.

Reliable antivirus software, as the name shows is software that operate against a virus. It detects or identifies the virus, and then after identifying the existence of the virus, it acts on deleting it from the computer system. Antivirus program works as a safety so that it not only removes a virus but also avoided any possible virus from polluting your computer in the future.     

 In this article I am giving a complete comparison between two very usual antiviruses Webroot VS Avast which one is better for a home use 

Head to Head Comparison

Avast is between the finest free antivirus software on the market, awhile Webroot applies separate methods to protect your devices, match to its opponents. To make a decision which is best, we’re placed Webroot and Avast against each other in a head-to-head comparison.


Webroot)- Webroot is an antivirus program that stand high from many of its contenders. Many of the ability behind Webroot is cloud-based, instead than being restricted to the resources available on your system. The major and impotent Webroot feature, is “lightning-fast” speed of its antivirus scanning, as compared to other antiviruses.

Avast)- In contrast with Webroot, Avast is a more conventional antivirus, not to allow cloud-based scanning for typical device-based scanning. Avast is antivirus security that we have long suggested as one of the very best for free customers on computer but it’s also a quality recommendation on our best antivirus for Android test.


Webroot)- Webroot has almost one of the lengthy product schemes we have never observed at, with items like “Webroot Secure Anywhere, Internet Security Complete” The finest plan, from a feature’s perspective is Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete. This including all Webroot features, plus the additional cloud memory, cover three devices. At $59.99 per year

Avast)- As compared with Webroot, Avast’s three product plans are a slightly simpler to understand and have smaller

names. One of these plans is Avast Free, which has a heavy set of features for a free plan. Second Avast plan is ‘Premium Security’ it is cost you money, it provided antivirus protection for just one PC running Windows at $69.99 per year. At the peak of the Avast product index is ‘Avast Ultimate it’ covering less devices than the previous plan, with safety for only one PC working Windows. Multiple device coverage is only supply with Premium Security Multi-Device.

3-User Friendliness

Webroot)- Webroot is fantastically very quick to install, with a tiny installation file of near 5MB. The installer volume indicates the Webroot approach. It doesn’t require to install a plenty of files because mostly of it operate from the cloud. In general terms Webroot’s user interface is user friendly and one of the easiest antiviruses to use.

Avast)- The installation method for Avast not very much fast as Webroot, Avast will be running an original scan of your computer software and out of dated software. The color scheme that Avast employs in its buyer makes it easy for customers to concentrate on the most important areas. Avast is little bit different from webroot but it is also a user friendly but it is your choice.

Final Thoughts

In this article you have got complete head to head comparison between Webroot VS Avast. At the end of all discussion Webroot is one of our recommendations if you’re looking for free antivirus protection. Webroot is the right protection for your PC and good choice for your home use This has the advantages of speed over its opponents as well as Avast. Scans are much fast and have further to zero impact on the performance of your PC.


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