Create Beautiful Instagram Graphics to Promote Your Business

With more than 800 million new accounts each month and over 500 million daily active users around the world, Instagram is a growing platform. And you know what else is growing as a result of this? Advertising on Instagram. 

Do you take your Instagram advertising seriously? Do you create ads with eye catching visuals that will get the attention of your audience and translate likes into purchases? If not, you are losing a great opportunity on this network, since 80% of the users follow brands or companies.

And since it’s a visual platform, visuals should be amazing, and we understand that not everyone is a designer or has budget for one. So you have landed on the best post ever to learn how to make the most of your Instagram strategy with the right visuals.

How Do I Make Great Images for Instagram?

Designing beautiful images can be pretty hard but for Instagram, sharing beautiful visuals is a must! If you have startup, you know hiring a designer might be pretty expensive. The alternative would be to buy Photoshop and set some time apart to learn how to use it to create your own images. Sounds too complicated? That’s because it is. But we have a wonderful solution for you. All you need to do is to find the right social media templates for your branding campaign.

Customize Your Own Instagram Templates

Following Instagram best practices to create eye catching visuals to promote your brand or business has never been easier. These templates from Placeit allow you to simply choose a graphic, background, font and colors to download a striking image your followers will love. Don’t worry about the right size of Instagram images, the size is preset for a post or Instagram story.

You can design your own images for Instagram, you can use their assets or even upload your own custom images – just make sure you have the rights for them.

Stories Are All the Hype

Create Your Instagram Stories Now

It’s all about stories. Stories on Facebook, Instagram and even Whatsapp! Visual storytelling makes a huge impact in the way your followers perceive your brand or business. Make the most out of this thrilling new feature by creating well thought content in advance. Of course, stories that are created in the heat of the moment are great, but you should also consider planning ahead as a big part of your Instagram strategy. And these templates allow you to make your own Instagram stories with a design that will stand out from the norm and drive your users to your page, website or feed. Make sure you make it easy for them to purchase whatever product or service you are highlighting at the time. 

Instagram Quote Maker Online

Quotes are still a hit on social media. A good reminder to keep calm and enjoy your day will always be well received. Since these graphics can be easily re shared by your audience, you can gain some new followers and potential customers along the road. The good news is that you can choose from this instagram quote maker! Make sure you design your quote posts in a way that they become attractive visuals, not just catchy messages. And of course, this will also help your audience relate with your brand in a more personal level. 

User Generated Content Motivates the Audience to Be Featured

Use your customers’ images to share them on Instagram and get more attention from potential customers, but give these images a twist using our templates. You can simply upload your existing photo and add some text and graphics over it to give a whole different look and feel. This will show your audience the engagement you’re generating and you never know, but you might end up receiving pictures or being tagged on others’ posts with the hope of being featured  in your brand’s official Instagram.

Make Your Own Ad Banners for Giveaways and Promos

Banners are perfect for sharing promos or giveaways with your audiences. Banners and ad templates are super easy to customize as well and you can use these graphics to promote your brand on the GDN, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more! We have a recommended number of words, so try to keep it simple and be really clear with the message you want to share so it can have greater impact. 

Speaking of Instagram Ads…

Here are some tips on how to design Instagram ads according to Instagram’s best practices and the field you belong in. We have incredible Lifestyle Mockups that will let you express exactly how to live and enjoy your creations. Here are some examples of the type of images you can use to promote your business depending on your niche and audience.

If You Have a Clothing Brand

You’ll find all sorts of different models, locations and scenarios to make your brand look professional online in minutes. Forget about wasting time and money searching for the right model, photographer and locations, all you need to do is browse Apparel and select the right mockup for your clothing brand. Displaying your designs on apparel mockups has never been easier. 

TIP: Use your finalized mockups as background images for your instagram posts for a custom feel. 

If You Are Opening up a Restaurant or Coffee Shop

This has been your dream forever? We can help you materialize it. You can create your logo, your images, and then use our Instagram text post maker to announce that grand opening. You are so gonna enjoy creating your new business logo with no software to download, just use your imagination. 

If You Are into the Real Estate Business

Start making those extra details your clients will love like custom t-shirts and mugs. Not only you can design them using our templates but you can also use our cool mockups and create amazing Instagram images for your social networks. For sure you’ll get tons of recommendations. Start by creating your trustworthy real estate business card here. 

Basically, Instagram templates allow you to create the perfect graphic to promote your brand online with beautiful assets that highlight your business’ benefits and features while catching the attention of existing and new customers. 

Learn all about setting up your first paid instagram ad with this video and get started right away!

Now that you know how to create your own Instagram images, go ahead and rebrand your social media networks to meet the platform’s standards and boost your brand like the pros.

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