Creating Gender Equality at Work: A Roadmap for 2020

Gender equality in companies has been improving, however, female workers are still paid significantly less than their male counterparts. They are continued to be underrepresented in senior management roles. 

Facts show that there are tremendous Driver Recruiting in equal work opportunities and employers can play a significant role in overcoming these hurdles. When we compare 2017 and 2018, unfortunately, the circumstances have mostly stayed the same for women. Females still experience some type of harassment at the workplace and most of the time, the harasser is a colleague. 

Being a female, I have been discriminated on phone as well. However, things have improved. For instance, when I call Cox cable, I am treated more respectfully than I ever was before. But things still need to improve. This isn’t enough.

Do you want the situation to change within your organization, too? That’s great. Here’s a roadmap for you to create gender quality in your workplace in 2020:

 Train Your Managers

It’s important to train your managers on gender equality. Managers are role models. They are also responsible for developing a culture within the workplace. So, use them to your advantage.

Managers must be aware of the obvious and subtle discrimination that often takes place within the company. Train them on identifying discrimination, a plan to deal with it and a strategy to prevent it from happening again. 

 Prioritize Work-Life Balance 

Working mothers all over the world take a pay cut for taking time off. Lack of childcare support is one of the most common and significant hurdles preventing women from fulfilling their career aspirations. Develop a workplace policy that pays for childcare. Offer on-site childcare facilities for mothers and fathers. 

Family leave must be available for both men and women. Employees should be able to use this leave for all sorts of family reasons (if their child is sick, because of school activity and more). This will encourage parents to be actively involved in childcare duties. The workplace policy must encourage female equality by building a fair environment that promotes productivity and offers flexibility (such as working remotely). 

 Be Transparent About the Gender Pay Gap 

Firstly, strive to remove the gender pay gap. Secondly, introduce a culture of transparency to ensure that male and female employees are compensated equally for performing the same amount of work.

Along with setting equal pay for equal work, the workplace policy must also ensure that both genders are treated fairly in training, hiring, recruitment, and promotion. There must be a bracket pay for each position outlining the salary for the role regardless of whom it’s filled by.  

 Make Mentors Available to Everyone

It’s invaluable to have a mentor to help you guide through the career challenges and obstacles. A mentor should be available regardless of gender. 

Unfortunately, after the rise of the MeToo movement, male managers are now reluctant to participate in work activities that include working with women alone, offering mentorship, traveling and even socializing. Lack of interest shown by male mentors can reduce career development opportunities for women.

Make sure this doesn’t happen in your organization. To avoid this, invite male and female mentors. This way, both genders will receive equal opportunities to succeed. 

 Strive To Make Things Equal 

Often, managers think gender equality means treating everyone the same. Well, it’s not the same. This policy works very well in preschool but it’s not the right approach to manage employees. When employee A requests to work from home, do not deny it because employee B never asked for it.

If the request of employee A is reasonable, say yes. If employee B asks for a flexible schedule too, accept or deny their request on the basis of facts. Treat all employees equally, not the same. 

 Zero Tolerance Policy Against Harassment 

Most of the harassment incidents in the workplace go unreported. The management within your organization must take responsibility to identify and stop the harassment.  

Harassment always has an adverse effect on the mental health of the victim. Look for signs. If you suspect the behavior of your employee has changed or they seem disturbed, talk to them.  Make sure they are provided with justice if they have been mistreated. This will prevent such cases from occurring again. 

Set a zero-tolerance policy against workplace harassment. Make sure your employees are aware of the repercussions arising from harassment. This should prevent the cases from occurring, to begin with.

Summing Up

Male and female employees aspire to work in companies that are great just like customers want to do business with companies that are great. Make yours is great too so that your workforce doesn’t have to quit because of problems related to gender equality.

Offer them incentives too like TV subscribers are offered attention-grabbing deals from Spectrum. Make a resolution to improve gender equality within your workplace in 2020.

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