Design tips for creating the most attractive banners

Vinyl gives durability to banners and adds versatility by allowing the use of various printing techniques, including digital printing, which produces high-quality prints. But the most important element that adds value to vinyl banners is the design itself, which must have the best features to communicate the message most effectively. The size of the banner is also a factor because it determines how well the design fits within the space. One must remember that banners are not artworks, and the design must be simple with contrasting colours that make it look bright and helps to draw attention. 

Banners must be eye-catching, or else it will be a waste of time, effort and money. Banners should be able to create the high impacting first impression so that it leaves a lasting message in the viewers’ mind within the short span of a few seconds when they glance at it. The design and printing go hand in hand to create the most attractive banners that can make heads turn so that people have a relook at them.

Since graphic design plays a critical role in drawing attention, here are some tips for creating the best banner design.

Font size

Since banners can display from various heights, the size of the fonts in the design plays a critical role to help gain visibility and remain legible from some distance. The size of fonts should be proportionate to the size of the banner too. As you are not sure about the location where the banner is likely to hang, follow the rule of thumb to determine the font size by considering 10-inch font size per 100 feet visibility.   If the banner faces fast-moving traffic, the larger the font size, the better it is. Smaller font size suits locations in areas of foot traffic.

Crispy wording

Since you must impress the audience quickly and ensure that the message registers with the audience, be prudent in crafting the message with minimal words that make the desired impact.  Maintain simplicity in choosing the words and restrict the number of words to 15 while spacing it across three lines or creating five lines of three words each.

Use contrasting colours

The choice of contrasting colours is the key to make banners look more attractive. For example, the proper mix of black and red or white and blue can draw attention quicker than using light colours. The choice of colours has something to do with the psychology of people as they react differently to different colours.

Maximize exposure

Using both sides of the banner helps to double the exposure as it receives the attention of the traffic flowing from both sides. However, you can design only a few banners in this way because it is ideal for use on thoroughfares only and not when you use banners placed against walls or some other background.

The size of banners depends on the probable locations for display that you have in mind to be proportionate to the surroundings. It will ensure that you can fully stretch the banner for unhindered visibility. 


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