DIY Embroidery Wall Art

I had a craze of decorating my house with intricate designs and beautiful décor. Embroidery digitizing, 3D art and simple embroidered wall art inspired me as nothing can. I dreamt of only beautifying my house but the problem was its expenses. I was never so well-off to afford these expensive materials. Then I thought of doing it myself. I created different ideas and transformed them into my home décor. The results were even more than my expectations. It turned out to be so good that now I feel like sharing it to others.

If you also want to beautify your house in a budget but do not know where to start and how to do then this post is especially for you. So, lets’ start.

Rainbow art:   

Colors add beauty to the house. Vibrant colors are aesthetically pleasing and pop up the area, in which they are used. Considering this fact, I created Rainbow hoops embroidered wall art.

For that, took out all the fine, multi-colored fabrics that you think are good enough to be displayed on the wall. We will need:

  • Rainbow colored fabric.
  • Hoops used in embroidery.
  • Thread.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Glue.
  • Favorite embroidery patterns.

Steps to follow for Preparation:

1. Choose Pattern:

The first step in preparation is the choice of pattern on the fabric. Try to choose subtle and symmetrical patterns. The patterns should be in the same colors as the rainbow has: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

2. Place fabric in hoops:

The second step is to position the fabric inside hoops. Place fabric inside each hoop. Also, place two types of fabric in some hoops. Adjust the placement well.

3. Trace outlines:

This step is very important for perfection. Place hoops on the fabric and draw outlines. After having inner and outer shapes cut the circles for future use.

Steps to follow for making Hoops:

1. Adjust the hoop:

First of all, iron the fabric to give it a clean look. Take the inner hoop and place fabric neatly on it. Adjust the fabric by losing its piston. After adjusting, tighten the screw and place another circle of hoop over the previous one. Now, tighten the fabric again and double check it.

2. Trim the fabric:

Now, after adjustment trim out the excess fabric with scissors as we need a neat final look.

3. Glue the fabric:

You will notice that there is some excess fabric outside the frame. It will look messy. So there is no other option rather than gluing it. Glue the loop from inside and fold. Remember the traced fabric which we have cut in preparation steps? This fabric is going to be glued on top for a clean finished look.

Steps to follow for making double Hoops:

1. Attach two fabrics:

For making double hoops, place the fabric one above the other and make marks on it for cutting.

2. Sew fabrics:

The adjusted, marked fabrics are then sewed with a small sewing machine.

3. Iron the fabric:

After sewing the two folds, iron the final fabric for a neater and pressed look.

Steps for embroidered patterns

1. Download pattern:

Our ultimate goal is to make embroidered rainbow art so after finishing making hoops, go for doing embroidery on it. There are many downloadable patterns on the internet. Download any logo or word art of your choice. Let us assume we downloaded “Good Luck” to wish everyone luck.

2. Trace on fabric:

After downloading the pattern, it is placed on the other side of the window glass in front of the sun and fabric is placed on the top. The light will highlight the downloaded bold pattern. Trace the pattern as it is with a pen.

3. Embroider the word:

Now, take a thread, scissors, and needle and start to embroider the fabric. Stem stitch is recommended if you are a beginner. Also, it is meant for lines and curves. Pass the needle from fabric in up and down motion to make a line structure. Now, put the needle in the middle and overdo it. Stitch the letters and join them by twisting. Make a knot on ends for a more secure finishing.

Your embroidered customized logo is ready!

4.Hang the hoop:

Here comes the final step. Congratulations you have made it! Hang the frames on your accent wall in a random manner with nails.

This is not enough, it was the simplest DIY trick and you can do even more with this trick.

Keep trying!

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