When choosing a domain name for a business or enterprise, SEO must be taken into account.
It is not an extremely important topic, but it can help us gain some point with search engine positioning.
The only general advice we can give is to introduce a keyword in the domain, in addition to a company name, to make it clear from the beginning to visitors that your company is dedicated to a particular topic.
As for the extension of the domain, if it is for Spain or for a locality within Spain, for example Madrid, it is better to choose a domain “.es”. Although “.com” domains can be oriented to indicate to Google that the business is within Spain.
If it is an international business, it is better to choose a “.com” domain from an SEO point of view, and from a functional point of view as well as say agencia seo barcelona
The mobile SEO, consists of everything we have discussed before, but adding an extra factor: the web on mobile devices, how does it look, fast loading, is it easy to handle …?
Depending on a set of conditions associated with the web on the mobile, Google will sort the results on mobiles differently than it does on search results for desktop searches.
Once again the Flash technology, here is terrible, because a web page built in Flash can not be displayed on mobile devices or tablets.
To adapt a web to the different screen sizes of the different devices, and that in all the web looks good, with appropriate font sizes, appropriate button sizes, etc. … there are several technologies:
– There is adaptive web technology, which consists of the same code that is used to display a web on a computer screen, is used to show the web adapted to a mobile device. This is achieved through style sheets or CSS. These are the pages that are built together with HTML5 and CSS3 codes.
– There are websites designed exclusively for mobiles: these websites first identify from which device the user connects, and if it is from a mobile device, they load an alternative version of the website specifically built for mobiles.

It is always better to have a website adaptable to all screen sizes than to have a specific website for mobiles.
Google supports this idea, and it seems logical to us, since with a mobile web we will introduce different contents (or html code) for the mobile user than for the desktop user, and with the adaptable system we always show the same content to all users, independently of the device they use to visit our web, which is more coherent and advisable (also from the SEO point of view).

The art of SEO is in, telling Google how to classify each web page, but without falling into Spam, or in bad practices penalized by Google.
– Ah! Google penalizes?
Yes of course, and very harshly to those who violate their policies.
Since 2011, Google took more seriously the problem it was having of Spam in its search results, so it implemented several algorithms to fight it. Let’s not forget that Google’s success is in offering its users quality results, so you must take care of this issue to the maximum.

Among all those algorithms to improve search results and try to eliminate spam, are the 2 most famous known worldwide: The Panda (2011), and the Penguin (2012)
– Google Panda algorithm change: Google pursues with Panda to eliminate from its results results with low quality content. In order to do this, it begins to look at the frequency of updating, whether the contents are duplicated (both within the website itself, or if they are copied from other websites), the length of the texts, etc… So-called “duplicate contents”. In this way, Panda managed to eliminate from the search results web pages with low quality content, which were of little use to the user.

– Change of the Google Penguin algorithm: Google tries with “the Penguin” to limit the effect of abusive links to web pages. Before the Penguin, there was a technique used by some short term SEO’s (SEO Black Hat), which consisted in launching thousands of links to their clients’ websites, in this way they were able to position them in the first positions with certain keywords in a very short time (fast web positioning).

After the Penguin, all the pages that applied these techniques were damaged, and to this day, many of them still have not recovered. Believe it or not, some SEO’s still use these techniques. We must keep our companies away from these SEO’s that can lead to the absolute oblivion of any company in the interest of the future.
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