Emoji Guide for Marketing: How to Use Them for Success

Do you see for avenues to turn your business into something that stands out online? Have you ever contemplated integrating the many emojis into your marketing tactic? Emojis are entertaining. They can augment a touch of color and a splash of persona to even the most monotonous and uninteresting business message. 

Emojis can trim up a simple social media post. They can even express particular emotions and messages better than statements. In this article, we have collected this emoji guide. We will share how to use these emojis for business and a few prevalent mixtures you can integrate into your advertising. Let’s get underway!

Emoji Marketing Ideas for Your Success

Emojis are small icons and images that are conceived using the Unicode Standard. They are utilized on websites, in text messages, and as a component of other digital communication, having the form of eminent yellow smileys like food, animals, weather, and more.

1. Ponder about Whether you Should be Applying Emojis at all.

If your business operates in sports, music, fashion, or any other type of leisure, it’s very expected that emojis are suitable for your brand. However, if you’re extending a more critical service, there is a substantial risk of losing your mark.

2. Decide Whether Emojis are Appropriate for Your Brand.

Are you concerned in emojis only because more and more brands are utilizing them? Think again. Being inspired or influenced by other products is one factor; deceiving your own personal brand voice just to adhere to the top is another. 

Consider that no business has ever been fruitful by mimicking what all the other brands are already doing. You have to be unique from the crowd and give consumers something distinct.

3. Realize that Emojis Lift Engagement.

It might be a new tune for you, but it’s true, nevertheless. Emojis equate to more engagement for any market. They have been recognized to enhance open rates, click-through rates, and engagement heights. Emojis help propel engagement on all assortment of digital media – may it be mobile, email, and social media.

4. Utilize Custom Emoji Tactically.

Marketing promotions that involve emoji keyboards and personalized emoji have turned out to be progressively more widespread across the past few years. If you do opt to establish your customized emoji instead of designing new icons for enjoyment, why don’t you do it for a decent cause? 

5. Stay away from Ambiguous Messages

Only because the emoji language has gone beyond cultural impediments, you must not presume all your consumers are eloquent speakers. While emoji-restricted copy could make for an interesting article or a fun quiz, it may not be the top concept for a press release. 

6. Understand the Implications Behind Emojis

When using emojis, one of the major mistakes a brand can do on social media is misusing them. Don’t place that eggplant emoji in a business Tweet unless you understand accurately what you’re doing.

Don’t ever place your company’s character at stake by posting an emoji that does not imply what you suppose it means. High anxiety of countless social media marketers appears out of touch, be sure that you carry on with the newest emoji meanings and developments.


Using emojis in Facebook posts increases the number of Likes by up to around 60 percent, and shares and comments by up to 40 percent. On the other hand, including them in Tweets increases the engagement by up to 26 percent over messages that are free of emojis.

With these numbers, it’s no wonder that emojis frequently come up in online marketing promotions. But then, as with any fresher digital advancement, companies need to understand the correct way to integrate emoji advertising into their social approach.

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