Epiglottitis: The road to recovery

What is Epiglottitis?

Epiglottitis is a bacterial infection that has been known to affect children in the past, typically. However, with a lot of effort, Epiglottitis has almost been eradicated, yet it has been affecting adults. The infection affects the Epiglottis, which obstructs the respiratory system. The result of Epiglottitis can be quite painful. There is inflammation in the neck region internally, which poses a problem for the patient is eating food or drinking water. It can be quite painful for an individual to eat or drink. The airway of the patient gets blocked. When this happens, it can be quite fatal and require immediate medical assistance.

Vaccination helps in avoiding Epiglottitis

It can be dangerous for infants who haven’t received vaccinations and aged individuals (85 years or more). It is a fact that men are more prone to catching this disease in comparison to women. Living in areas where there is overpopulation is a major factor which causes this disease to spread. When one resides in such a locality, the sanitation is compromised. The lack of personal space causes the infection to spread more rapidly.

Epiglottitis affects children faster than adults. In adults, it takes days to show symptoms and affect them, but for children, it takes a couple of hours. Parents should be aware of the symptoms; the infant might be anxious and irritable. The child might not be able to recognize his or her parents. The child can not maintain eye contact. If a child shows any such signs, it is better to visit the hospital. It is so because if the child lives in such condition without proper diagnosis, it can put danger on its life.

Symptoms of Epiglottitis:

-severe throat pain


-difficulty in eating or drinking

-difficulty in talking

-inability to breathe properly

Symptom tracker is very helpful in managing the disease.

Causes and risk :

Epiglottitis can quickly spread from one infected person to another. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, the bacteria spread. Diseases such as chickenpox and shingles have also been said to result in Epiglottitis. Since Epiglottitis causes inflammation in the Epiglottis, it has been known to be caused by fungi or yeast infection as well. If one is experiencing symptoms of Epiglottitis, then one should maintain distance and be careful not to spread it further.


There are a couple of tests that can help in the determination of Epiglottitis:

-X-ray of the throat and chest to check for inflammation

-A blood test to know the cause of the infection

A check on the oxygen levels of an individual who is going through Epiglottitis can be fruitful. There are chances that there is a blockage in the air passage, which causes the oxygen level in the body to dip. If the condition gets worse, then the individual needs help to breathe, which would be provided by an oxygen cylinder. The tube is either inserted in the mask or its attached directly into the trachea of the patient.

Treatment for Epiglottitis

  1. Antibiotics: After receiving the results of the tests the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to the patient
  2. Clearing airway: In cases where the patient is not able to breathe,  the doctors may have to perform a procedure to create an airway for the patient so that there is no obstruction.

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