Experts’ Global’s Online Program for GMAT Prep is the Best of its Kind

A strong GMAT score is vital to securing a seat at your dream school. There are quite a few options for GMAT prep out there, however, this can be seen as a negative of sorts, as it can be quite difficult to understand which programs are actually worth your time. One program that does live up to its promises is Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Preparation program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Soon after the firm’s founding in 2008, it secured for itself a reputation for excellence that has only continued to grow. Let us take a look at some of the most notable features of this firm’s online prep program. 

The Instructional Videos

One of the central pillars of Experts’ Global’s approach is its incredibly useful informational videos. Experts’ Global covers the GMAT syllabus, through 100+ compact but detailed video lectures. It is also unique in that it provides a solution video for ever last one of its practice exercise questions and mock test questions. These solutions are incredibly useful, both for building accuracy and for building speed. 

Accuracy to the GMAT

Another key feature that should be mentioned is just how close Experts’ Global’s practice material is to the real GMAT. The questions cover all of the necessary concepts, putting the appropriate amount of emphasis on each. They also maintain the correct tonality and levels of difficulty and complexity. Even more importantly, Experts’ Global’s scoring system is extremely close to the official GMAT scoring algorithm. The proof of this accuracy are the 500+ students who have reported that their Experts’ Global mock scores were nearly identical to their official mock test scores. Experts’ Global’s success in this area, is practically unprecedented. Even the testing interface has been designed to be as close to the real GMAT’s as possible. 

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s online training program also includes 15 full-length GMAT mock tests. This is considerably more than most others, more than twice as many, in fact. Having so many tests to do helps students develop their test taking strategies and the stamina that they will need to give the GMAT. 

Weakness Diagnosis and Performance Analysis

Another excellent tool that Experts’ Global has developed, to help the students understand their performance is the analysis system. This system lets the students know, after each mock, exactly what their weakest and strongest areas are, where they took how much time and a whole host of useful information. It even examines their performance across several of their most recent mocks, to help them understand their overall weaknesses, as well. 

Extra Features

Experts’ Global has included several special features in their Online GMAT Training Module. One that their students have really appreciated is the “flag” button. It is a button that allows them to mark and save any question that they feel that they will have to get back to, later on. This way they can return to the question easily, rather than having to search for it again. Another very useful feature is the “sticky”. The “stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens that the students use to take notes. The “stickies” can then be saved in one place by pinning them to the student’s “wall”. These features may be small but they have proven to be very effective in making GMAT prep just a little bit easier and time-efficient. 

Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is well-structured and well-paced. It progresses steadily through the different stages of preparation, with excellent instructional and practice material. If this program is carefully followed, due improvement is guaranteed. 

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