External optimisation factors to be taken into account

Now let’s see what the external factors (off-page) are.
Main methods of external optimization as say a consultor seo
Let’s now look at the main methods of external optimization:
► The quality and number of inbound links (backlinks)
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► The CTR that have our results in a search engine
► Use of external services.
Such as Google My Business.
► External publications
Some examples are guest posts, media publications, etc.
► Use of Social Networks
► Creation and management of blogs
► Press releases and press releases
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What factors can affect the SEO positioning of your website?
Okay, so far we haven’t seen anything unfamiliar, but we also need to pay close attention to the factors that can damage the positioning of our website.
Among the most important are:
► Actions that can be considered as Spam by search engines.
► An excessive number of inbound links as a result of their unnatural increase.
► Incorrect layout.
► Pages that take a long time to load.
► Incorrect answers from the server.
► Duplicate content.
As we can see, not only the “positive” factors of external and internal optimization have to be taken into account.
Avoiding “negative” factors is just as important.
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This is a world that grows by leaps and bounds day after day and, even if you are a specialist, there is always something new to try or learn.
Extra Tools that will help you in your strategy
As we well know, today there are countless tools for optimizing SEO positioning as say agencia seo barcelona

Among them we could not fail to highlight some free Google or some paid, such as:
-Google Keyword Planner
-Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console
-Google Trends
-Screaming Frog
This is the case of SEMrush, which I would like to talk to you about in this third part of the article.
As you can see, there are many novelties that it offers you and that will help you in your strategy, whether you are a novice or a professional with a lot of experience.

Let’s start, then, to see what these novelties are.

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