Fiction Writing: Websites to improve writing skills

Fiction is a non-factual prose text which is mainly produced as a story for entertaining and conveying the point of authors on that. Fiction writing can be a short story, novel, screenplay, drama, etc. and various types of authors who practice fiction writing includes short story writers, playwrights, novelist, screenwriters, radio dramatists, etc. No matter what type of writer you maybe you must ensure that your writing is flawless and it is free from all kinds of errors. Otherwise, even if the writing is composed, informative, and interesting it will create a wrong impression in the mind of the reader and they will not accept it and thus all your effort will go waste. 

For writing flawless fiction writing as a fiction writer you have to take all the responsibility of researching, writing, editing, and proofreading the document on his own. That is the reason why in his day-to-day activities a fiction writer requires various kinds of software. These kinds of software and tools help the writer to make their writing right so that they can deliver error-free content. Hence such type of software or tools can make the life of a fiction writer easy and simple. As a fiction writer, you will certainly require some useful software that helps you in authoring, publishing, taking the screenshot, software for manipulating images, and also for doing many other activities. Nowadays you will get many online software, tools, and websites that help you to submit or publish flawless writing.



Websites for improving the writing skills of the fiction writer

Many useful websites are available on the Internet that will certainly help you to enhance your skills as a fiction writer and you must use these websites while writing a short story, novel, screenplay, drama, etc. The following are some of such useful software and websites: One of the most used and best online resources that can enhance your vocabulary and writing skills is SC. Most professional fiction writers use such websites across the world. Though SentenceCheckup is an online word processor it goes beyond that and it works as a multi-purpose tool that helps you to do various things starting from sentence correcting to grammar checking. With the help of SC software, you can fix over 250 types of English errors. 

This is how with the help of SentenceCheckup the fiction writer can learn many useful things. is another most essential website that every fiction writer must have as it helps them in writing better. Vocabulary is very essential for becoming a good writer and in Thesaurus you will get alternative words or phrases that will certainly help you to express yourself in written English. Thesaurus comes up with a huge collection of synonyms and antonyms which will certainly help you to improve your vocabulary in English. Thesaurus becomes more essential when you need to simplify your written English. is another best website that helps you to enhance your writing skills. Starting from the rules of punctuation to grammar quizzes, blog posts, you will get everything on this site. The best thing about this website is that t regularly updates its post every Tuesday. You can participate in the quizzes for improving your English Grammar skills. Apart from that, this website also comes up with ‘The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation’ and it will certainly help you to become a better English Writer. is another best spelling and grammar checking website. It not only checks grammatical errors but also finds out spelling mistakes in the documents. Once it detects the error it also provides some useful suggestions for correcting the error and improving the sentence. The most significant feature of this website is that it allows you to check the sentence in different languages. Thus this website is very beneficial and should be highly used by professional fiction writers.

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