Finding an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service in Westchester, NY


Having oriental rugs become one of the precious jewel in the house. The rugs are special, and it cannot be treated as common rugs. Of course, maintenance and cleaning becomes necessary to keep the beauty and whole condition of the rugs. Without them, it can be easily damaged and dirty, and it can be annoying problems. However, it is not easy to clean them. When people want to do it by themselves, it will only make things worse. In this case, looking for the special cleaning services for the oriental rugs are necessary. Good oriental rug cleaning services will provide the best job in providing best maintenance for the rug.

Unfortunately, all cleaning services always claim that they can give the best services. However, claim is not enough. There should be clear facts and other things to value the quality of the services. In this case, there is good solution for the cleaning services in Westchester, Finding an oriental rug cleaning service in Westchester, NY. This place can give best services to make sure that the oriental rug can always has its beauty and comfort, and there will be no issues after the cleaning process. The core point that makes this cleaning service can give best results is its cleaning process. It involves long steps, and each of them has important factors in maintaining the quality of the rug.

The first step is to do the inspection of the rug. In this process, all detailed factors of rugs are inspected and analyzed. Its type, origin, and even type of material used for the rug are inspected. Each of the details is necessary to give best and most suitable treatment during the cleaning process. Even, the color types, damages, dirt and stains, and other problems are inspected, so the staff will be able to provide the best way on caring for rug.

Then, the second step is dusting and pre-wash. This step involves special liquid for cleaning the surface of the rug. This liquid works specifically for the type of oriental rugs, so other types of rug will have different type of liquid and cleaning substances. It is to make sure that effectiveness of the liquid can work well in removing the dust, stains, and other particles on its surface.

For the third step, it is the hand care wash. Once the liquid is rinsed perfectly, remaining moistures are still extracted in order to make it is fully ready for the next step. In this step, the staff will do the hand wash by using the organic soap. Doing it manually is essential to make sure that the cleaning process can covers all area, and it can give special treatment to certain area that needs distinguished attention. Then, the soap uses organic materials to make sure that it will not ruin the rug.

For the last step, it is the drying process. For this process, the staff will manage the temperature, so it will not give any damage on the rug. Special cares are also necessary to make the fabric soft and plush. Once it is fully dried, grooming and vacuuming the rug will be the last step before it is wrapped and delivered to the customer.

All of these steps surely are useful to keep the quality of oriental rugs. Since it is precious jewel in the house, special treatment is needed, and this cleaning service provider is able to give the best solution for it. Moreover, all services are done by professional and trained staffs, so they really know what they should do. All the cleaning substances are also safe, so it will not give any harm once the rugs are laid in the house after its cleaning process. Surely, this becomes best solution of the oriental rug cleaning services in Westchester.

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