If you’re bored with the WhatsApp app, there is nothing wrong with switching to a similar app called GB WhatsApp. Check out the features and how to download now.

Although they have the same name, GB WhatsApp and standard WhatsApp are not really the same app. There are a number of interesting features that regular WhatsApp does not have but GB WA actually has.

It is natural for many people to switch from regular WA to GB WA. Even in comparison, GBWA offers a lot more benefits to users than the standard WAA. Interestingly, it is also very easy to download.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro App?

GB WA is a standard WA update application built with many interesting and unique features. When a smartphone user uses GBWA, he gets a lot of useful features in fouad whatsapp.

One of the best features of owning and being popular is privacy. Not typically on WhatsApp. Like reading deleted messages to send messages on a scheduled basis. Of course this app is perfectly secure.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Features

The WhatsApp mode app has much better features than the regular WhatsApp. Some of the features that users can enjoy while using the MOD version of WhatsApp include:

WA GB has better security features. Especially in the hope that there will be a ban from WhatsApp. Therefore, these updated WA users no longer have to worry about the security of the application.

This updated WhatsApp has a great system update. Thanks to the active app developers this app has a nice update. Of course, always be careful that updates do not expire.

Good messaging features

This updated app also has powerful messaging features. This app can be used to send messages well on a schedule. Of course, this is no less than the official features of the official WA.

Good message-sending-feature

Additionally, this app can be used to read deleted messages. Interestingly, it can be relied upon to delete sent messages. When else can you find this app?

Various themes and options

The selection of themes in this app is very diverse. Choice alone can reach hundreds of theme choices. Users can immediately select the theme they want to apply to as many applications as they want.

Easy connection breaker

This updated app also includes an excellent connection breaker feature. So it can be used to disconnect WA internet connection later without the help of other applications. Of course, this feature is not owned by the official version of WhatsApp.

Hide verification

If the official WhatsApp app can only hide the blue tick, this is different from the updated app. GB WA can be used to hide the blue tick or to check both. How fun is that, right?

Send message without saving number

This updated version of WhatsApp can be used to send messages without saving numbers. This is ideal for those of you who are lazy to store other people’s cell phone numbers. GB WA will definitely help you a lot.

Additionally, this app allows users to automatically reply to messages using only detailed settings. So, why are you still waiting to install this cutting edge app?

Downloading other people’s status

The next WhatsApp update feature will be able to download the status download from the saved contacts. For example, when you want to post a similar story, you can copy it immediately without any hassle of using other third party applications.

Submitting multiple files

Features can be used to send files in various formats. So, it’s not just pictures, videos and music. In fact, the app can send up to 100 images at once. How fun is that, right?

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re downloading so much more at

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