Handy Shares Easy Ways to Make Your Cloth Face Mask More Comfortable


With a couple of months into the infamous lockdown, many countries are opening their economy and infrastructure gradually in phases. While most of the offices and a few schools are opening, Governments worldwide have insisted on wearing a face mask while stepping out of your house. Though the chances of being infected are reduced, you may find wearing a face mask uncomfortable for a long time as you are not used to it. Handy shares some really cool ways to make your mask-wearing activity very comfortable and easy


The Ways


  1. Wear a button headband – If your skin is sensitive and dry, wearing a face mask may result in ear chafing and small blisters due to the rubbing of elastic bands behind your ear. People get more creative at such times and make something to ease their pain in such situations. One such thing prevalent in use is the button headband. Wear a wide headband that fits over your ears and attach buttons on each side. 


You can fit the loops of the mask on these buttons rather than on your ears. If you don’t fancy wearing a headband, you can use the S hook method. Take the loops of the mask and place them around each U of the hook. Then, ensure that the S-ring is at the back of your head while wearing the mask. As loops are pulled snug, this method allows the face mask to fit better to your face.


  1. Use a 100% cotton mask – While wearing a mask, you might complain about difficulties in breathing. This is quite common as you are not used to having something over your nose and mouth. As you cannot do away with the mask in the coming months, the best bet is to make it as comfortable as you can. When you use a mask made of complete cotton, you are less likely to feel breathing discomfort. Cotton is best when it comes to ventilation and it will trap less of the moisture from your breathing and sweating. Avoid masks made of polyester known for its water-resistant properties.


  1. Be well moisturized – When the mask is continually rubbing your face skin, chances are that your skin may get dry and chapped. Moisturize your face well before wearing a mask. Take care that your moisturizer or cream is not greasy as it may restrict the airflow. If your skin is oily, avoid putting on a liquid foundation as it may clog your skin pores and restrict the air filtration making it harder to breathe. Wearing make-up may also make the face mask dirtier. 


  1. Keep changing your masks – With warm weather outside, you will sweat and perspire much more. Chances are that your masks will become moist faster. It is best to change your mask when you feel it’s gross. Keep an extra set of masks in your bag handy for such cases. Also, you can keep your used mask in a separate zip lock bag and can wash it when you reach home for reuse. 



According to Handy, although wearing masks is not comfortable, it is indispensable as a safety measure to protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus. Follow the tips listed above to stay safe and reduce the discomfort from wearing a cloth face mask.

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