Handy Shares the Pillars of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is a process; a journey every individual goes through during their lifetime. Before discussing the pillars of self-improvement, you must know why self-improvement matters. During their lifecycle, a person experiences a lot of things that shape their personality, how they view the world, and what they do to optimize their lives. In this guide, Handy discusses how you can make the most of your life and become a complete human being.

The Pillars

Calm Mind-

Before you start improving yourself, you must be aware of what is there to improve. You should honestly admit your flaws, if not to anyone then at least it yourself. Humans are great at convincing themselves. Your mind is intertwined in mysterious ways. A simple habit may be the result of a year of habitual practice and may be hard to get rid of based on how deeply ingrained it is.

You must train your mind not to be impulsive and assess each situation from an unbiased point of view. It is easier said than done, as in most cases there is a bias that affects your every decision. The key to overcoming is to judge your decisions with an iron fist and do what the situation demands.

To Listen or Not to Listen-

Oftentimes, people struggle with decisions. Insecure individuals with low-self-esteem rely far too much on others. Contrarily, overconfident individuals take advantage of everything and everyone around themselves and rarely listen to anyone other than themselves. The so-called ‘teenage period’ is a prime example.

Many people spend their entire lives without knowing the difference. To improve yourself, you must find the middle ground between listening to others and listening to yourself. No two people have experienced life in the same way. 

A good place to start is your friends and family. Most of their advice is for your betterment, and you should use that period to experiment with your thoughts and beliefs. Once you’re out into the real world, you’ll have to fend for yourself and the lack of a proper belief structure will make it difficult for your growth as a healthy human being.

Create a Routine-

You cannot achieve anything unless you have a routine. Every successful individual has some quirks, which is their definition of a routine. As stated earlier, humans are master convincers. 

Every time you want to do something, your mind subconsciously weighs the pros and cons of said activity, which in turn is influenced by a bias. You are bargaining with yourself at every moment and without a fixed pillar such as a routine, you are more likely to stray from the correct decision. A routine is the physical manifestation of your determination and is a must-have if you want to truly improve yourself as a human being.


Self-improvement deals with the mind and how it simultaneously precepts and interacts with every movement. According to Handy, it is a long journey without any destination and is directly fueled by your thirst and determination to become the best version of yourself, which is a continuous process.

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