How AI Can Assist the Visually And Hearing Disable

The world has gone mad about the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (A.I.), data science and machine learning. These disciplines have been described as the future of work and the human race. Recent data from research has shown that these disciplines have a wide area of application and can serve as the missing link to the world we wish to create in the nearest future. 

While there has been a good number of breakthroughs in the area of AI-powered machine responses, statistical analysis and machine learning procedures to make our lives easier by granting us hands-on access to control lots of data and activities, Halfcode founder and CEO Richard Black wants to take A.I. to a different level entirely. Although A.I. has been successfully incorporated into customer care, education, banking, stock trading, agriculture and security, Halfcode is set to explore how A.I. can assist the visually and hearing disabled live a normal life in a society filled with people not belonging to their class. 

Halfcode is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2017 by 17-year-old entrepreneur Richard Black to solve real-world problems affecting those in need. While trying to explain the company’s motto, ‘AI for Good,’ Richard said that, “What that means is, we use A.I. and wearable smart technology to try to solve real-world problems that affect those who are most in need.” He and his growing team of innovators are hard at work creating social change through AI technology. 

According to the young social entrepreneur, the zeal to make meaningful and lasting impacts on people’s lives is the reason he rolls out of bed every morning. And it was a very meaningful moment in his life when this dedication to do right began. When he was a young boy, he and his best friend used to set up lemonade stands. Together, Richard and his best friend would spend entire weekends selling their wares, enjoying the fruits of their labor and sharing the spoils at the end of the day.

On one occasion, his friend said she was going to sell alone, as she needed to raise the money for a something important. The partners quickly turned to competitors. With a zeal for selling and naturally entrepreneurial, Richard’s lemonade stand ran circles around his friend’s. With his money jar overflowing at the end of the day, he felt a bit sheepish to see her half-filled jar. In that moment, he walked back to her front doorstep, knocked on the door and handed her his entire jar. The smile that brightened her face is a moment he will never forget.

That was the day he knew that being an entrepreneur meant more than making money; it meant making social change for good.

You see, his best friend was born with partial deafness, and she and her family were saving up every way imaginable to help her regain some hearing. The money she made was to go toward a cochlear implant.

With his best friend as an inspiration, Halfcode was soon born.  What’s next for the AI startup? According to the chief executive, “Right now we’re developing smart captions to help people with disabling hearing loss to be able to use our glasses to go to the theater or have a conversation in a group of people and allow them to see what they can’t hear.” Social entrepreneurship and a strong belief will drive the business model that a company can do society a lot of good.  

Halfcode is focused on identifying a problem, creating a solution and bringing the idea to the marketplace. It is on the move to produce a lot of exciting new developments in the near future and with the zeal of Richard and his team members, we can only but imagine the level of success to be achieved in the next few years. 

While several companies are taking an early flight to control the A.I. market with their products targeted at the rich and influential, Halfcode is ready to make a difference by offering hope to a lot of people. This is a feat worth celebrating. With just 2-years of existence and counting, Halfcode seems to have great plans for the common good of mankind. 


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