How is the PTE exam scored?

PTE is the Pearson Test of English which is approved worldwide by universities, colleges and schools for testing the level of proficiency in English. If you are looking forward to study abroad than you should opt for the PTE exam. It is a computer-based academic exam for non-native English speakers.

PTE is a scoring system that is an automated scoring system that is based on complex algorithms. These algorithms were tested using samples of thousands of students having different native languages. It is an Artificial Intelligence scoring that mimics how the human test checkers would score based on a huge number of previous responses. 

Online PTE practice includes mock and practice tests that have a similar score evaluation process. 

Criteria for Score Evaluation

The way you write your responses. If they are well structured and covers all the important points. 

Use of strong grammar and vocabulary.

Proper use of linguistics in the Online PTE practice.

Your fluency level in English and how confidently you respond.

Clarity and correctness of your pronunciation. 

If you can answer all the questions in the given time frame. 

Online PTE practice will evaluate your score based on all the above points.

PTE scorecard has an overall score, communication skills score and enabling skills score. 

Overall score 

It indicates your proficiency in the English Language. It is an average score of all the items. It is based on the tasks that are given in the test, questions, answering opportunities and the rules for scoring. The range of this score is between 10 – 90 points. 

Communicative skills 

The communicative skills like listening, reading, speaking and writing are measured in the Online PTE practice. Tasks that test these skills also test various other sub-skills. The range of this score is between 10 – 90 points. 

Enabling skills 

Enabling skill indicates your performance of the productive skills. The range of this score is also between 10 – 90 points. 

The skills that are measured during your online PTE practice are:

Grammar: Using correct words and vowels in forming the sentences. 

Fluency in English: Use of natural speech. This also includes a smooth delivery of the speech.

Pronunciation: The speech should be clear and the words should be pronounced correctly and clearly. 

Spelling: Words are spelled correctly and one use of one spelling convention.

Vocabulary: Use of proper words to express the meaning of the sentence.

Written discourse: Correct and efficient delivery of written language. 

The scores are also shown in a graphical representation so you can evaluate your weaknesses and strengths. 

Types of Scoring

There are two types of scoring:

Correct or Incorrect

If your answer is right then you get 1 point and if your answer is incorrect then you get no points.

Partial points

If your response is right that you get full points but if it is partially right then you get a few points but less than the maximum points you can score on that question. If your response is incorrect then you get no points.

Your online PTE practice score will use this type of scoring.

Advantages of PTE scoring system

It is an unbiased scoring system. The response you write or speak is evaluated by AI based on thousands of previous responses. This means that you are graded on what you say or write and not on how you speak that is your accent in the Online PTE practice

It gives the results fast. They are typically delivered in 5 working days. It is very flexible to take the PTE exam as it has 250 test centers in 50 countries. 

You can send your score unlimited times that too for free. This helps you to send the score to any number of institutes or colleges without an additional fee.

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