How Science Fiction Improves Students’ Creativity

Science fiction is a genre that was not given much credit until only recently. 

Many of us thought that these stories are for geeks and freaks with, let’s say, a specific mindset.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming sci-fi fans. They read books and watch movies with devotion.

It is especially true for teens who no longer treat these stories as fairy tales. When their home assignments are done (sometimes with the help of writing service — visit this website to see what we mean), they find it fun to read or watch science fiction like Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, and Marvel movies. 

So why do students like stories about imaginary worlds and extraterrestrial creatures? What’s so enticing about the sci-fi genre?

It’s not only because they enjoy it, though it is an important aspect. The reasons might be less obvious.

Students Shape their Own Reality 

Teenagers are known for their rebellious nature. It is not because they want to be that way. It can be caused by the identity crisis, which leads to the desire to escape from reality. Science fiction allows them to get away from the mundane world and enter an exciting, fantastic realm. Immersed in the imaginary worlds, they picture planets, solar systems, galaxies, and what kind of alien races dwell there, what kind of society they had built. Students think of the stories about citizens of other star systems, how they tackle their problems, and so on. 

Science fiction helps students to reflect on the interaction between people, technology, and the environment. It can inspire them to think about the future and find creative ways for the development of humankind. 

Sci-fi Inspires Invention and Original Approaches 

Young people are progressive and can see the future of the planet’s development through the lens of technology and its endless potential. Inspired by the tech from science fiction, they contemplate stuff that hasn’t been invented yet, but that could make a tremendous impact on the human race. By the way, Elon Musk reads a lot of sci-fi novels for inspiration. He devotes 10 hours a day to gathering information that’s useful to his initiatives and business. 

Students might be able to work out solutions for global problems that no one even dared to think of. Because sci-fi is only partially fictional, some of those ideas could well become true, and it’s not far-fetched to say that creative youth could possibly discern some of the unique, fictional approaches and apply them to our reality.

Students Learn about the Decisions and Ensuing Consequences

Every decision we make shapes the future. We all consider plenty of options before we decide what will work best for us. The universe can let us see the outcome of only one of those options. We accept the consequences of our decisions without question because we can’t change them. Science fiction shows one vision of the future among the countless possibilities. It creates a link between the present and the future and lets us see the complex ways our choices influence the future. That is how sci-fi can teach students to consider alternatives before taking any actions. 

…of the Political and Social Systems

Noon World, Cloud Atlas, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and many other social science fiction novels demonstrate how far people will go when building a society. There are stories about utopias and dystopias, which carry different messages: some predict, caution, and criticize, while others portray alternative social orders. Those students who are concerned about political and societal systems might gain a new perspective. They can broaden their horizons and use ideas from sci-fi stories in essays or debates, to approach the offered problem creatively. By imagining the society they want, students can change the system for the better. These young people are the future presidents, congressmen, and political leaders. Who knows, maybe they are getting inspired by sci-fi and are creating the perfect society in their minds right now.

Sci-fi Changes the Perspective Forever

How many students have voyaged into outer space? How many students have witnessed an asteroid slamming into the Earth? How many students have seen an alien invasion? How many students have survived a cataclysm that is destroying the whole planet? We bet not that many. But science fiction gives them a chance to live through all of that. With sci-fi, students discover new worlds and realities that were not available for them before. They start thinking about things they couldn’t have even imagined before. It goes without saying that this process heavily involves imagination and creativity.

The Final Word

Perhaps, the secret of science fiction is how real it makes everything feel. Because of this, students start thinking creatively without even realizing it. They imagine brand new worlds, generate new ideas, and relate to things that do not even exist yet. With the right perspective, these students can change the world with their out-of-the-box thinking and groundbreaking solutions. 

Ultimately, sci-fi is not just fun. It helps to break the constraints of our minds and encourages inventiveness in every life choice. 

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