How to be a Fashion Designer?

Being a fashion designer promises fame, glamour and gives you an opportunity to be creative with what you want. I know this is what you want and you have that deep connection with designing outfits. But is this love and passion you have for designing good enough to make you a great fashion designer? 

The world of fashion designers has become really competitive and hence without the right skills and tools you are doomed to fail. If you want to pursue this career, you should market your business seriously and at the same time work harder and develop several other skills to be perfect on this. 

It goes beyond getting a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion design. You need to get visual arts, General design and even some additional Graphic design knowledge to be an exceptional fashion designer.

If you really want to be the best, we have a lot to offer in this post. Let’s take a look at the tips and tricks that you need if you want to be the next designer. 

Complete a degree program

This is the first thing that you need to make it in this case. In order to get a foot in fashion designing, you have to complete a related degree program. The main thing in this is to horn your skills through a degree program. The wisest decision in this case is to earn an associate or even a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion design. Here, you take courses in computer-aided fashion designing, get some insights about the history of fashion designing, textiles and their different types, figure drawing and also pattern making. Any fashion designer should as well complete a degree in fashion merchandising. The curriculum has some courses such as merchandise planning, consumer behavior, retail management, product development and retail sales promotion. 

Observe your potential customers to see if they are ready for you

You don’t want to start a business and later on get disappointed and feel rejected. Access your skills and personality and relate them directly to what people want. This way you will see if you are a perfect match and if people will love what you do. Being a fashion designer is not for everyone. It’s for those people who want to devote their lives in this career. If you are not sure whether you will be in business for a long time, then this is not for you. 

Experience, experience, experience

After getting the relevant education skills, it’s now time to sharpen your skills with hands on experience. This means you now need some practice outside the classroom. You can either participate in an internship program in a designing firm, cloth manufacturers or even volunteer in some charity work in the same industry. 

Learn and seek additional skills in the business of fashion

 In relation to learning the creative ideas of this industry, you should familiarize yourself with what goes on behind the scene. You should now sharpen your skills in finance, sales and marketing. These are very important for your success in this industry.

Put together a portfolio

It’s now time to create a portfolio demonstrating your skills and creative sensibilities. The main reason for this is for you as a fashion designer to show off your talent. You have to fill your portfolio with the work you have done before. It’s very important to treat every assignment as if you want your future boss to know you from today. 

Keep up with the trend

Every business is in a very volatile landscape which calls for market research and analysis. With this in mind, you should keep up with the changes in fashion industry. Keeping abreast of the trends means you should be checking from time to time what people want, what’s new and what needs to be eliminated from the business on time. 

Fashion should be your passion

In order to sustain yourself in this industry, then you should make fashion your passion. If you don’t want to be bored, then start by deciding which designing field is your principal interest. It can be a good idea to start from the bottom but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have big dreams. Start with knowing the type of designing you want to invest time and money in and later the niche you should be targeting. 

Get to the field and sample the market

Now it’s time to be realistic, there’s a big difference between people that live in warmer countries and those in the cooler zones. You cannot design heavy heated jackets for people living in warmer zones. To be sure of what people on the ground want, interact with them and ask a few questions. Afterwards, sample them and eventually design an outfit that matches their interests. 

Watch your competitors

There’s no better way to beat competition than keeping an eye on your competitors and getting inspiration from them. Observe them and at the same time check on the Fabric they are using, the zipper, sizes and new trends. This shouldn’t be recognized as copying, it’s an observation and you are learning from them. They are actually the best sellers that already have a hint in the market. 

Set yourself up to success

Getting educated and sharpening skills is not enough. You should have dedication and eventually grow your trust with people. This is how success comes in. If people trust you and like your services and products, then you are already a successful fashion designer. It requires talent and creativity. Be creative and expose your sound knowledge to what is happening around you. Many courses in school will not tell you want should happen from the day you graduate. It’s up to you to be passionate and keep watching the market for any additional experiences and expertise. 

Now that you have read along, ask yourself if being a Fashion designer is what you want. You may excel in most of the areas but if you don’t love something, you won’t be successful in it. 


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