How to Befriend Your New Roommate in Your PG in Delhi?

The thought of starting life in a new city can seem exciting. The sights and smells of an unfamiliar place, meeting new people, settling into new routines, and gathering so many experiences can add a lot of color to our lives. However, feeling jittery or having apprehensions about a new move is also natural. You are leaving the comfort zone of home and familiar people. Well one person who might be feeling the same as you, could be your roommate. So why not turn this situation into an opportunity to make new friends and learn to navigate the experiences together?

So, if you are also planning to stay in a PG in Delhi, here are some of the things which will help you foster deeper bonds with your roommate:

Initiate a Conversation

In case you’re wondering why your roommate hasn’t started a conversation, they may just be shy or waiting for a cue from you! The simplest way to get to know someone is to start that first ice-breaking conversation. Talk about yourself, but also make this an opportunity to listen – discover interests, things you share in common and you may just find yourself a new friend. This is also an opportunity to familiarize yourself with one another’s lifestyle choices and creating healthy boundaries about privacy. These days, hostels in Delhi offered by branded providers also invest in creating a healthy community vibe and organize social activities for residents where you can relax and unwind with each other.

Spend Time on Shared Interests

Don’t let your relationship be restricted to the fact that you and your roommate share a space together. Rather, welcome your roommate to hang out similarly as you would do with any of your companions. Do you like shopping or watching a movie? Do you both enjoy sports? Or how about traveling together to a nearby destination? From college fests to sporting events, adventure trips to mall visits, eating out to hanging at a bookstore or joining a hobby class – there are endless options to bond over. . Bonds won’t generally spark after one outing, yet with time and effort, you and your roommate will find yourselves becoming good friends.

Small Gestures Make all the Difference

Food is something everyone bonds over! This may appear to be such a small action but treating your roommate to some nice dessert or sharing food together can be a sweet thing to bond over. Ask them out whenever you’re ordering something be it apparel or food or any other commodity. Are they stuck on an assignment? Do they need help with something? Do they feel lonely or missing home? Well, even the smallest of gestures to help out someone, treat them, will foster a sense of belonging and they’ll indeed feel that someone cares about their needs in a new city.

These are some of the ways through which you can bond with your roommates!

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