How to Clean Mould off Curtains

The Health Problems

Many areas of your home are quite easy to clean and maintain, to create the healthy environment  you and your family require. But it is often the areas that you don’t think about that accumulate disease causing moulds that lead to respiratory tract infections, lung disease and the worsening of common afflictions such as asthma. 

If you take a look at your curtains, you will probably find that any windows that are rarely opened or used, will have spots of mould growing. Even if they have only been used occasionally, if there is a lack of ventilation, the backs of curtains will have started growing this dangerous pathogen. When it imbeds, and spreads, it becomes almost impossible to clean away the  spores that create it, requiring constant cleaning and quite possibly in the end, the need for new curtains, a cost you may not readily want to meet. Especially if many curtains are required, but only one single unmatchable curtain is afflicted. It seems a great waste. Fortunately there are new products being manufactured all the time that can make these once impossible tasks extremely easy and effective. Taking away the need for that further expense and the possibility of sickness in your family, which becomes it’s very own time consuming and difficult period to deal with. 

Immediately, If Not Yesterday

Why not study each and every curtain in your house? Take a look at the effect of moulds as soon as possible. The quicker you fix the mould problem, highly recommended by doctors and scientists to not leave for any length of time, the quicker the health of your family will improve.

Mould begins as small patchy dots in varying shades of grey, green, the very difficult to kill black mould, and even on occasion, orange. As they grow they join together to form splotches of thick uneven growth that becomes increasingly harder to remove. Rudimentary cleaners won’t work, very few products contain the chemicals needed to remove mould. For this specific task it is necessary to purchase a product that is designed for mould removal. Some products only require a short period of time, say a few minutes to leave, and then come back to wipe off with a damp cloth. While you are probably always aware of mould growing in areas you expect, such as your bathroom and kitchen, on flat strong easy to clean surfaces such as tiles and benches, and around sinks, inside cupboards, places where the environment is often one of damp, without effective ventilation. It is a very real concern that you take note of other unexpected areas where this treacherous growth may raise is scaly head.  

Curtains Create a Haven

Curtains themselves, are way too important a feature of your home to just keep replacing, they keep light out for a great nights’ sleep, they hide you from prying eyes of neighbours and passersby, and create a safe solitude for you and your family. 

They let in light on the glorious days of summer, making a statement, albeit not in your face of how nicely your home is fitted out. Assuming that they can be cleaned by the immense work required of taking them all down, washing them in a washing machine, then hanging them out to dry, then ironing and replacing them, it becomes heartbreaking to find that this actually causes more mould to grow. So make sure that you find a specific mould removal product, and save yourself a great deal of time, effort and work by spraying it on, walking away and returning after five minutes with a damp cloth. 

Make sure as you wander around the house that you take note of every surface that may require mould cleaning, and treat as you go. Ceilings, grout in bathroom and kitchen tiles, under the sink cupboards. Heavily used drawers of cutlery that retain moisture and shower curtains. Every surface can be cleaned of mould to create a much healthier environment.  



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