How to Detect Coronavirus Infection at Home

Coronavirus has taken the world by a storm. It is an unprecedented global catastrophe that requires collective action and effort to beat. Due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, actions of one person have far reaching consequences for entire populations. Therefore, it is very important to follow the official protocols for the disease. 

People who at Higher Risk of Getting the Virus:

Immunocompromised people

Coronavirus disproportionately affects those people with weak immune systems. Their lack of robust immunity makes them prone to getting the disease. They also get much more severe symptoms of the disease. Hence, Coronavirus poses a greater danger to them. It also affects their recovery as well. 

Hence, people who are immunocompromised should take special precautions. They have to keep themselves especially protected. Such people at risk include those taking the immunosuppressive drugs, who have had a transplant, those with diseases that compromise immunity like HIV,diabetes.

People refuse to realize the seriousness of the impact of uncontrolled diabetes on life. It suppresses immunity which is especially dangerous amid a pandemic. Therefore, all those who are suffering from high blood sugar levels should contact a diabetologist. Since the world is under a lockdown because of the dangers of catching coronavirus, going out and visiting a diabetologist can be risky. It is thus important to make use of online doctor video consultation services and reach out to a diabetologist who can help manage diabetes and thus help prevent coronavirus in diabetic patients.. 

Older People

Due to the decreased health and a body that is already weak, older people have a higher risk of getting coronavirus. Even more perilous situation is for those who have already suffered from diseases like diabetes, or some lung or heart disease. 

People Suffering from Asthma

Since coronavirus is an influenza virus that affects the respiratory system, patients of asthma are more at risk of getting the virus. Coronavirus can trigger an asthma attack and lead to respiratory complications in the patients. 

Symptoms that you should look out for:

Due to the risk of getting corona, it is best first to watch out for the signs of the virus before risk stepping out of the house. It is not only dangerous for the person- as they might not have it and end up getting it. Or, they are carriers and they might pass it on to others. Acting safe therefore is of utmost importance. Following are the signs of the virus; 


Coronavirus causes fever and can be identified if you have been having temperature for over 7 days i.e. your chest or back feels hot to touch. 


Another symptom of the virus is having a continuous cough. The frequency of the coughing fit also is an indicator; as it causes severe coughing episodes. If the coughing fit continues for over an hour or if there are 3 or more episodes in a day, then the person needs to be more careful as it is an indicator of danger. 

Symptoms Similar to Common Cold

Since coronavirus is from the influenza family, therefore, it presents symptoms similar to common cold. Signs like having sore throat, shortness of breath, tiredness are experienced by patients suffering from coronavirus. 

Other Signs

Moreover, people with coronavirus also experience aches and pains in the body. The virus also causes, in some cases, diarrhea, nausea and runny nose. Some people also get confused and disoriented. Furthermore, people at times also have their face or lips turn blue. Headaches as well, when experienced in conjunction with these other signs, are an indicator of coronavirus. 

The Next Steps: 

If the aforementioned symptoms have been experienced for at least a week, then chances are that you might have the disease. Since the incubation period of the virus is from 2-14 days, therefore, it is important that these symptoms persist for some time to be conclusive. 

Determine if its Paranoia or Not

In extreme cases like COVID-19, people have the tendency to panic. The power of mass hysteria should not be ignored. Therefore, it is important to establish if you possibly could’ve gotten the virus. 

If you have been practicing good hygiene, have kept yourself isolated, did not have contact with others, then it’s highly likely that you are safe. Therefore, do not endanger yourself by stepping out of your house to seek medical counsel. 

Be Mindful of the Incubation Period

Furthermore, many people get themselves tested early on, when the virus is still in its incubation period. They think they are cleared of the virus, without realizing that they still might be carriers. Hence, anyone suspecting the virus has to enforce some self-discipline and isolate themselves till at least the incubation period. 

Do not Leave your House

It is recommended to not leave the house for at least 7 days if experiencing the symptoms. For those sharing quarters are advised to not leave the house for 14 days if either member is presenting signs of coronavirus. 

Furthermore, most of the labs have started offering home sample collection. Therefore, to reduce your risk and that of other people, first try availing the service of such labs to determine the presence of disease. 

Also, it is important to realize that not all people are adversely affected by corona. Many of them have just mild symptoms. Others, however, may have difficulty breathing and might therefore need more intensive care. 

Doctors in the United Kingdom have thus suggested that patients having mild symptoms try self-isolating themselves instead of rushing to the hospital so that there is room for more serious patients. 

Moreover, telehealth is a great way to contact your doctor. Phone call, message, video chat, email are some of the ways you can reach your doctor. Hence, first discuss your condition with your doctor first and get their qualified opinion. After exploring all these options, then step outside of the house. 

In these trying times, everyone has to act together and make educated decisions. Try getting information from the authentic sources. Hospitals like Fatima Memorial Hospital are providing accurate information on their websites and can be further contacted for expert advice. Acting sensibly together is the only way to beat coronavirus. 

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