How to Find Relevant Divorce Law

Few, if any, married couples ever intend to divorce. However, said individuals might grow apart for various reasons necessitating separation. That said, before such parting is complete, involved subjects must resolve several pertinent issues established by divorce law.

This process typically requires the involvement of an experienced family attorney. Continue to learn the basics regarding divorce and tips those contemplating this life event might employ to find a reputable legal professional.

Divorce Process Overview

When couples split, they must resolve numerous personal, financial and legal matters such as:

Asset Distribution

The separating factions must allocate the assets accumulated during their marriage. These holdings are legally classified as marital assets and are separate from personal property. Personal property is material one party owned before getting married and is not subject to division.

Any items obtained during married life, including homes, financial institution accounts, investments, vehicles, and other miscellaneous items, are subject to distribution.

Debt Remittance

Couples will also be expected to satisfy all incurred debts. Common obligations include mortgages, car payments, and loans.


In certain instances, one spouse might be required to remit alimony or spousal maintenance to their former if the split has the potential to cause said individual undue financial difficulties.

Parenting Plans

Alberta family courts encourage splitting factions with minor children author an acceptable parenting plan detailing important issues such as the children in question’s new intended living arrangements, visitation schedules, which parent will provide medical coverage, how higher education costs will be addressed, and any other pertinent concerns that emerge as the youths age.

The Reasons Legal Assistance Is Critical

Divorce can be an overwhelming process encompassing countless crucial but confusing issues. A professional, experienced lawyer is well versed in divorce law, has handled numerous cases, will understand the matters needing resolution, and can serve as an advocate for a client experiencing this life crisis.

Divorcing individuals do not want to make mistakes. Even the slightest slip up could have significantly untoward financial, personal and legal consequences. Retaining the services of a skilled legal professional greatly reduces the chances of such mishaps from occurring.

Finding A Reputable Divorce Attorney

Identifying and hiring a respected, professional and experienced divorce lawyer is a crucial first step in surviving the divorce process. The following several steps might render this activity easier:

Obtain Referrals

Chances are, a separating subject knows of someone who experienced divorce. Therefore, they should inquire with such individuals regarding the legal assistance they received. Professionals given high praise should be investigated further. Noteworthy referrals might also be provided by local law firms and legal aid organizations.

If such resources are unavailable to a particular individual, they might consider researching the old fashioned way. Online searches are the fastest and most direct method of yielding information. Such action can be accomplished by accessing one’s favored search engine and typing search words like the Alberta city or town they live in followed by the phrase divorce lawyers. Such efforts should return numerous options.

Those without internet access could conduct a phone book search. The business section of their local phone book should contain a section devoted to attorneys. Prospective clients are encouraged to choose from amongst legal professionals specializing in family or divorce law.

Choosing The Right Candidate

Once potential clients have narrowed their search down to a few possible candidates, they should consult with each one individually. Said professionals should possess a dearth of experience handling divorce cases and, if need be, trying said proceedings in court.

That said, separating parties are urged to opt for candidates who also hold the following qualities:

Optimal Communication Skills

Good lawyers will possess the ability to put complex legal concepts into understandable terms, answer any questions a client might have, and display a professional demeanor at all times.


Reputable attorneys will be responsive to their clients needs and concerns. Granted, successful lawyers are likely busy and might not be able to respond to every call or email a client makes within minutes. However, said professionals should respond in as timely a manner possible.


Respected attorneys will be open and transparent about all aspects of the process. They should always tell it like it is and not sugarcoat circumstances. Moreover, honest professionals will be completely forthright about their payment process and payment plan options.

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