How to Inspire Your Kids Participate in Math & Computing Contests

Math and computing competitions challenge a student’s ability to solve different problems in a certain amount of time. These competitions are not like regular exams. All tests also are not a requirement for admission, but there’s something that can asset to your application does not matter if it is for seeking admission to a university or applying for a job.

 There are multiple competitions when it comes to math and computing, such as the Waterloo math contest, Canadian senior mathematics contest, & computing competitions, etc.

All these competitions aim to provide the students with the opportunity to test their different abilities in understanding a problem and designing the solutions using programming and numerals. Contest winners are awarded a cash prize, scholarships, and other enrichment workshops.

Why Participate in a Math or Computing Contest?

  • Participating in the contests polishes your skills, boosts your confidence, and enables you to think thoroughly.
  • They also provide you an opportunity to challenge yourself and your problem-solving skills.
  • They are helpful in seeking university admissions and prepare for the studies. These contests are an asset to your admission application as well.
  • The strong mathematical background makes you shine out among your competitors in every walk of life.
  • Some of these contests also offer scholarships to the participants in special prizes for the winners.

Inspire Kids to Learn to Participate in Competitions

According to the survey, 54.7 % of boys and 51.1 % of girls sign up for mathematics competitions. From these 17.2 % boys and 21.9 %, girls believe that they received mathematics or took part in the constitution on the encouragement of their teachers. 

This is something teachers and parents can do. As a parent, it is your responsibility to tell your child how beneficial these contests can be for his future both in the educational and professional life. 

As a Teacher

Most of the students find math boring and feel that it can be difficult to grasp over it but as a teacher, you can make it much more fun and understandable by using different techniques. Always conduct your maths class in a much more enjoyable environment rather than a stressful one.

As a Parent

As a parent, you are directed to encourage your child to play games involving numerals, install games involving math and computer science. Train your child on how to play and also sit close to him whenever he is playing. Do not interrupt while he is solving some problems; in fact, watch how much time he takes and what approach he uses.


Inspiring students to pursue math is not an easy task, but as a parent and teacher, you can make it possible. Most of the obstacles include various misconceptions in general, feeling that the subject is too high or too tough to understand. The environment in the math class is the main reason for it, so as a teacher make your maths class as enjoyable as possible

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