How to make your Instagram account a business account

Initially Instagram was an application for kids. People did not thought it as a business site, the only trend was picture and video sharing. Now time has changed everything. You can promote your ideas, products and can increase your consumer number through Instagram.

Instagram is a market now. It has got 800 million active user. Among these more than 25 million accounts are business accounts. If we calculate the ratio between the consumers and the seller on Instagram then the competition is not as much as it is on face book and google. This means that there is still hope for small business, exceptional management and vest quality products can help you in this regard.

There are number of ways, such as buying Instagram followers. There are various sites for this you can check the best sites to buy instagram followers, having a number of followers can enhance your customer’s confidence in you and that is an essential part for success.

Let us look for some other prerequisites

  1. Work on your bio and optimize your account

Start with the right profile picture, design a logo for your company. It has to be unique and eye catching. Next upgrade your bio. Make an website or if you have already got one which is working as an online store, put that URL in you bio and make the content as clean as possible. It must squarely describe your intentions.

  1. Set your account according to your need

Go to the settings section and start modifying. Switch your profile to a business profile, ultimately there would be new features relevant with the business and market strategies.

  1. Employee’s review repost

Involve your employee’s and partners in your online promotions. Whenever they post something related to their work and you find it good for your promotion repost it.

  1. Buyers’s review

Like employees review,  buyers’ review is also very important. On social media platforms people have found reviews as guides. So whenever your clients post something good about your products make sure to share it on your page. This will help you get more customers.

  1. Videos and pictures

Try to use these two basic tools very meticulously. Your picture descriptions must work as a call for action for the viewers. Engage as many people as possible. You can tag some relevant pages as well. For instance if your page is about cosmetics you can tag some jewelry business account in your description making it like a suggestion for the reader.

Secondly the video feature can be used in a number of ways. Now a days the Instagram T.v is the trending one. You can make a buyer guide video or you can just come live on daily basis for sharing some of your experiences about your product.

Pro tip: getting of the topic in your live videos can be a good thing, you can discuss some motivational and daring experiences. This will help a lot for the viewer will not be bored and you can engage them whenever you want.

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