How to Reduce Belly Fat After Delivery

Many women complain that they still look pregnant even after delivery. Sagging belly is quite normal immediately after a baby; most moms face this problem. Nine months of the stretched stomach cannot go back being flat almost instantly, right? It will take some time to reduce belly fat and get back to how it was. 

However, there are ways to get back to shape quickly. With the right exercises and tips, you can speed up the process. A little bit of attention and care is important here because at times wrong exercises can make the belly fat hard and worse. 

Here are 10 tips that will help you reduce your pregnancy belly faster than usual:

Talk to a Recommended Physical Trainer

Generally, the hospitals have their own licensed physical trainers who suggest relevant postnatal exercises to new mothers. Make sure you consult them after your baby. You can also talk to your gym trainer or personal instructor for suggestion. Certain exercises, such as crunches are not suggested for reducing pregnancy belly, especially if you had a cesarean delivery. Hence, do not do anything drastic without proper consultation. Consult or book doctors appointment online in case you can not visit at clinic. 

Start Walking

Walking is the simplest, yet effective exercises. Start walking as soon as you can. Start with 10 minutes and increase the time until 1 hour. Walking has several benefits, such as it improves blood circulation, keeps the nervous system healthy, recovers your body from headaches, soreness, etc. and improves mental health. You can even take your baby along for these walks. You can either carry them in a baby carrier sling bag or use a stroller. 

Breastfeeding Helps

Breastfeeding has a significant link with weight loss and belly fat reduction (uterus shrinking). You must continue breastfeeding even after the baby starts eating solids to boost his/her immune system and maintain a good shape. While this has worked for many, some women still deal with belly pooch even after breastfeeding.

Practice Yoga

Yoga for belly fat after delivery is as safe as walking. In fact, it is even better. It will not only help reduce your pregnancy fat but also improve your overall health. Yoga poses can prevent postnatal backaches, mood swings, bad posture, insomnia, cramping, and hormonal imbalance.  There are different yoga poses that help target organs, such as backbone, uterus, pelvic muscle, abdomen, digestive tract, and so on. Yoga also helps relax muscle strains and improve mobility. If you combine yoga and walking, then you will be able to reduce your weight faster. 

However, learn yoga from a certified knowledgeable instructor so that you don’t do something ineffective.

Don’t Follow a Weight-loss Diet 

Nutrition and balanced food are extremely important for two reasons – one, you need to balance out your hormones, the calcium content and the iron in your body, and two, because you are breastfeeding. So, you have to eat for two people. Do not enter into any self-made diet plan just because you think you are fat and have a big tummy.  

Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, you must take adequate nutrition, such as foods rich in fiber, iron, protein, minerals, and vitamins. 

Make sure you also try to get enough rest and sleep and go for full-body massage for good posture, great mind, and quick belly fat reduction.

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