How to Write an Essay More Efficiently

A good chance is that writing essays is not one of your favourite activities but rather a frightening duty that might derail your whole weekend plans. There will be no get-together with pals. In a club, there is no dancing. Your fingers slowly squeeze thick writing out of your keyboard at a library.

When it comes to your weekends and social life, the good news is that you can continue to do so. With the help of these 19 science-based methods, you can do all of your written assignments in a single night! A winning combination is utilising an essay database to find example essays that are both instructive and useful.

De-clutter your workstation.

Isn’t this a stunning tip? What your mother told you isn’t true. Order is something that most people aspire for. People don’t want to spend their time searching for missing data and objects. However, a 2015 study by the University of Groningen has yielded some startling results. A group of researchers from the Netherlands discovered that persons working in a chaotic environment attempt to restore order by establishing clear and well-defined objectives and achieve them more quickly than those who operate in a less chaotic environment.

Use two or more screens.

Microsoft claims that utilising more than one screen may increase your productivity by up to 50%. If you can, switch between devices. It’s possible to do research on a tablet while writing an essay on a laptop, for example. If you are looking for uk best essays, please visit our website.

Use a desk that allows you to stand up and work (at least from time to time).

Business Insider performed a research in 2013 that found a 10% increase in productivity, increased energy levels, and improved focus while utilising a standing workstation.

The Pomodoro method, or timer.

To get the most out of your time, work and relax in alternating shifts. This strategy, which dates back to the late 1980s, calls for short, 25-minute work sessions interspersed with rest periods (5-10 minutes). ‘Pomodoros,’ Italian for ‘tomatoes,’ are the name of these intervals. The originator of this approach, Francesco Cirillo, employed a tomato-shaped kitchen timer for self-control. Please visit royal essay for more info.

Drink a lot of fluids.

Before performing a test in which they had to click a button when they saw an item on a screen, participants drank three glasses of water from the University of East London School of Psychology research. At least 14 percent of the individuals in this group had a quicker reaction time than those in a control group who did not drink anything. When it comes to crafting a superb essay, you can’t skimp on the fresh water.


When people laugh, their brains work better because stress hormones are reduced, according to new research out of Loma Linda University in the San Joaquin Valley. So a moderate number of YouTube videos (up to 15 minutes long) might be helpful in this respect.

It’s better to take a break with someone rather than alone.

Talking to a coworker during a break will ensure a 15% increase in productivity. Aren’t you going to take advantage of this opportunity to contact your friends?

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