How to Write an Essay Outline for Middle School

Essay writing in a middle school is less complicated than in colleges. However, it is still a severe task. All the guides concerning essay writing tell that outlining is an important step. In this post, we have gathered all the tips about the process. Once you read it, you will be able to write all the essays.

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What is Essay Outline

An outline can be called a detailed plan with the structure of a paper. It is not an obligatory part of an essay. However, it helps with writing a lot, as you always know what information belongs to a particular paragraph. Without it, you risk writing a pale of words that does not look like an essay. A straightforward structure lets readers acquire information with ease. They will not stop to read the previous paragraphs. Also, an outline helps to check if all pieces of information are in the essay. It assists with excluding unnecessary passages, as well.

Things That Affect the Outline

To start writing an outline, you need to consider the following important factors:

The type of essay.

There are several common essay types in middle schools. Each of them implies a special way of narration, structure, and contents. Every essay consists of three parts: the introduction, conclusion, and body. The body might consist of separate paragraphs with arguments, information, development of the idea, etc.


Before outlining, you need to research the topic. Try to understand how to disclose it for a reader. The manner will differ. For instance, a topic about personality implies researching the biography. The essay will have the chronological order of events and achievements to be applied. An analysis of an object must flow from the general information to details. An argumentative essay gives the arguments from the strongest to the weakest.

The discipline.

You must agree that a paper on arts is not like a science paper. The outline should consider all the peculiarities of a discipline an essay belongs to.

Before writing, get something for notes. When everything is ready, it is time to start writing an outline.

How to Write an Outline?

Write down all the ideas concerning your topic. You need to pick only those that will help you with your point of view and the intent of an essay. Then, you have to organize them. Pick similar ones and make some groups. Think about how you can turn each group into a single sentence. As a result, you will get 5-6 sentences that will turn into paragraphs in the future.

Now you need to order the sentences with your concepts. As usual, they must go from the weakest to the strongest. Arrange them and then write down how you will prove or present the idea.

You will get a detailed list of the ideas and a plan on their implementation. This is an outline.

A General Example of an Outline

Here is an example of your possible outline. Use it as a template if you would like to.


  • The first part introduces a topic. It may contain an anecdote or a quote that highlights it.
  • The second part presents the thesis statement. It is a sentence that contains a claim to be proven by an essay.
  • The third part contains the questions and the reasons to write a particular essay. In some essays, it may be obligatory to indicate previous discoveries of a specific topic.


  • The first idea from your list. Write down the examples and evidence to support it. Explain how the idea supports the topic and relates to the following ideas.
  • The second idea from your list. Write down the examples and evidence to support it. Explain how the idea helps the topic and relates to the following ideas. Mind that it should be stronger or more important than the first one.
  • The third idea from your list. Write down the examples and evidence to support it. Explain how the idea relates to the topic and connects with the following ideas. The last idea is the strongest argument to support your thesis statement.


  • The first part of the conclusion gives a summary of the ideas and concepts.
  • The second one restates the thesis by taking into account the new information.
  • The last part indicates the significance of the essay. Explain why a reader should value a paper.

It is a general outline for an essay. Using it, you can write almost every essay type. Keep our article in mind, and an essay will not frighten you in a middle school.


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